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Need Owners For ESPN Redraft League ($200, 10-Team, PPR, 11 Starting Players) (1 Viewer)


Hi All,

Hosting an ESPN Redraft League looking for owners to join. This league took a pause over the past 2 years, so expect some owners to not be returning.

Very friendly League, Online Draft via ESPN over the Labor Day Weekend (will vote on best timing once league is full). $200 buyin

Some Details:
- 10 Team, PPR Scoring
- 11 Starting Players (1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2FLX, 1K, 1DST, 5BN, 1IR)
- Normal Playoff Structure (top 6 teams)
- Top 3 Payout (with Total Points of regular season receiving a bonus)
- LeagueSafe managed funds

League Page:

If interested, please respond here or via DM


Have 8 of 10 owners, would like to add 2 others. If interested please reach out to me via DM or as a reply here. Easy, fun, friendly league


Have 1 of the 10 spots open. If any interest let me know, as will likely fill soon
*last post/update* here - thanks all!

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