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Need owners for three CBS Sports redraft leagues August 19, August 28 and September 3, sign up today! (1 Viewer)


Hello there, I need owners for the following three CBS Sports leagues:

$150 Thursday night, August 19 SBFFC style 12-team league.  Compete against some of the SBFFC's finest before SBFFC draft weekend.  This draft will take place at 9 pm ET.  Win up to $900 here!

$150 Friday night, Sept. 3 FFPC scoring and rules 12 team league.  This league will follow the rules and scoring of the famous Fantasy Football Players Championship!  Win up to $900 here!

$175 Sunday night, August 29 SBFFC style league, but only start 1 minimum RB and 2 minimum WR, but start 3 FLEX (WR/RB/TE).  This league has drafted each year since 2003.  A 26 inch TrophySmack.com trophy will also go to the league winner!  Win up to $1000 here!

Great prizes for all, 12 teams in each league.   LeagueSafe will be the avenue of buy in and prize payouts!

Any questions let me know, email me at brian.harwood@twc.com 


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