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Need Pickup Tight End (PPR 1.5), Lost all TE's to injury and Bye Week (1 Viewer)


I had 4 TE's but 3 are hurt and 1 is on bye. I must start a TE each week and the get PPR 1.5 plus yardage.
Hockerson is on bye, Noah Fant is injured and so i Jordan Akins. I had OJ Howard, who I picked up last week and now he is gone for the season. Most good TE's are gone. I do have to bid for them so will need to know who I should go after. I'm dropping Howard.

Here is who's available:
Cameron Brate(TB): Have a good feeling about him.
Kyle Rudulph (Minn)
Dan Arnold (ARI)
James O'Shaughnessy (JAC)
Hunter Bryant (Cle), but Njoku (he's available) might be back.
Gerald Everett (LAR)
Jack Doyle(IND)

Not a lot of great choices. Who should a go after?
Need a decision by tonight.


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