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Need Replacement owner IDP 16 team League Dynasty (1 Viewer)

THE NEW WORLD ORDER PLAYER YTD PTS BYE SALARY YEAR DRAFTED TRADE? McCoy, Mike SDC Coach -10.00 8 $2.7m FA Trade Manning, Peyton DEN QB 319.02 9 $17.7m FA Trade Manuel, E.J. BUF QB 185.55 12 $4m FA Trade Ivory, Chris NYJ RB (Q) 15.86 10 $0.2m FA Trade Michael, Christine SEA RB 6.70 12 $0.2m FA Trade Pierce, Bernard BAL RB 47.21 8 $1.2m FA Trade Rodgers, Jacquizz ATL RB 33.02 6 $0.2m FA Trade Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB 54.85 4 $0.2m FA Trade Austin, Miles DAL WR (Q) 27.50 11 $0.9m FA Trade Brown, Antonio PIT WR 53.13 5 $2.5m FA Trade Crabtree, Michael SFO WR (O) - 9 $3m FA Trade Maclin, Jeremy PHI WR (I) - 12 $0.8m FA Trade Cameron, Jordan CLE TE 80.90 10 $3m FA Trade Clay, Charles MIA TE 47.90 6 $3m FA Trade Page, Eric TBB KR 2.40 5 $0.2m FA Trade Sherels, Marcus MIN KR 1.40 5 $0.2m FA Trade Cundiff, Billy CLE PK (Q) 35.00 10 $0.4m FA Trade Potter, John WAS PK 15.00 5 $25,177 FA Trade Koenen, Michael TBB PN 93.14 5 $0.5m FA Trade Mesko, Zoltan PIT PN 87.42 5 $25,177 FA Trade Bilukidi, Christo OAK DT 14.75 7 $1m FA Trade Cofield, Barry WAS DT 19.50 5 $0.2m FA Trade Knighton, Terrance DEN DT 12.50 9 $1.2m FA Trade Mclendon, Steve PIT DT (P) 23.00 5 $0.7m FA Trade Wilfork, Vince NEP DT (P) 19.00 10 $1.2m FA Trade Avril, Cliff SEA DE 8.60 12 $1m FA Trade Biermann, Kroy ATL DE (I) 13.00 6 $1.2m FA Trade Hood, Evander PIT DE 19.00 5 $0.2m FA Trade Houston, Lamarr OAK DE 24.50 7 $0.2m FA Trade Reyes, Kendall SDC DE 13.50 8 $25,177 FA Trade Wake, Cameron MIA DE (Q) 13.40 6 $4.2m FA Trade Burnett, Kevin OAK LB 28.00 7 $0.2m FA Trade Carter, Bruce DAL LB 40.60 11 $3m FA Trade Freeman, Jerrell IND LB 51.50 8 $1.7m FA Trade Hayes, Geno JAC LB 29.00 9 $0.2m FA Trade Mercilus, Whitney HOU LB 26.10 8 $25,177 FA Trade Pace, Calvin NYJ LB 17.50 10 $25,177 FA Trade Phillips, Shaun DEN LB 24.40 9 $25,177 FA Trade Sheard, Jabaal CLE LB (Q) 28.20 10 $25,177 FA Trade Suggs, Terrell BAL LB 37.10 8 $1.2m FA Trade Alford, Robert ATL CB 14.25 6 $0.2m FA Trade Carroll, Nolan MIA CB 30.50 6 $0.2m FA Trade Finnegan, Cortland STL CB 26.50 11 $0.7m FA Trade Hayden, D.J. OAK CB 24.00 7 $2.9m FA Trade House, Davon GBP CB 17.90 4 $1.2m FA Trade Patterson, Dimitri MIA CB (Q) 17.20 6 $0.8m FA Trade Tillman, Charles CHI CB (Q) 41.85 8 $2.7m FA Trade Bell, Yeremiah ARI S 30.50 9 $1m FA Trade Ihenacho, Duke DEN S (Q) 49.25 9 $2m FA Trade Jenkins, Malcolm NOS S 31.35 7 $1.2m FA Trade McDonald, T.J. STL S (P) 31.50 11 $1m FA Trade Moore, Rahim DEN S 30.75 9 $25,177 FA Trade 52 TOTAL PLAYERS TOTAL SALARY: $73M 0 SALARY CAP: $123.9M CAP ROOM AVAILABLE: This is a paid league that has a seasonal and also an empire pot. please leave email if interested in taking over this league. All funds are league safe protected

email me at jasonanderson00013@gmail.com for more info thanks


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