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ok, here is my IDP roster as of right now, which is a 16 team keeper league (only the starters are kept for next year) :D J. Farrior (Pit - DL) D L. Arrington (Was - DL) D S. Cowart (Min - DL) DB T. Polamalu (Pit - DB) DB R. Harrison (NE - DB) DL R. Lewis (Bal - DL) DL M. Peterson (Jac - DL) BN J. Ulbrich (SF - DL)BN S. Quarles (TB - DL) BN K. Kennedy (Det - DB) BN D. Pollack (Cin - DL) Here are the settings for the league:Tackle Solo (1)Tackle Assist (0.5)Sack (3)Interception (2)Fumble Force (2)Fumble Recovery (2)Touchdown (6)Safety (2)Pass Defended (1)Block Kick (2) My question is, should i drop any of the above players for the following players that are available that i am looking at? Here are the others available that i am looking at:Marlin Jackson, Kawika Mitchell, Charles Tillman, Larry Foote, Keith Adams, Sean Jones, Daryl Smith, Jermaine Phillips, and EJ Henderson.Thanks for any help!

If you really feel that you must make a move, drop Kennedy and pickup Tillman. Other than that I cannot see any other possible upgrades.

Gadzooks that's a great lineup. I could see swapping out Kennedy for Tillman and Pollack for Mitchell.

Top-shelf lineup.I personally like Kawika Mitchell more than Ulbrich and Quarles. Mitchell has no competition for the MLB job in KC and looks to be a 3-down LB. Ulbrich will be competing with D Smith for tackles and will probably be yanked in passing situations. Quarles will have Rudd breathing down his neck all season and could lose his job at any time.I would probably keep Kennedy over Tillman. SS's are usually safe bets and Kennedy is fresh-off from signing a monster deal in the offseason.


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