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Need two owners for team takeover? (1 Viewer)


Anyone interested in taking over a team in our 32 team NFL Replica league? There will be no charge for entry fee, and team is yours for 2012. We have a couple of owners not living up to expectations as owners in this league. Its an auction/salary cap league set up just like the NFL. The two potential teams are the Browns and Patriots. Just post your interest here or email me at realdealnffl@yahoo.com and we will get u on list. These teams are not officially open yet, but are a few days away from being available if the owners dont shape up.

League message board: http://tcpain.websitetoolbox.com/

League Homepage (custom MFL site by Nitro Grafixx): http://football23.myfantasyleague.com/2012/home/29369#0



Ok, as of tonight it's official for 1 team (Cleveland Browns). I need an active owner skilled in weekly waivers, blind bidding, auction experience, and salary cap managing. There is no charge to take over the team, unless you want to win money come playoff time if you make it. Then we would require you pay the league entry fee. If you want to give the league a trial run for the rest of 2012, just email me at realdealnffl@yahoo.com and we will award this franchise on a first come first serve basis. Thanks in advance for your interest!!


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