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Need you for Football, baseball, basketball, and Hockey. This guy was our top gm last year. ALL his teams are good! (1 Viewer)


This is a four sport keeper league. We do Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey. There are 12 of us. However, two of our guys do not do Hockey. It's a ten team league. Obviously nobody can expect to take over a loaded team but the guy that left was actually the top GM last season. Two of his teams are the defending champs. The football team actually won it all last season as did the baseball team a few weeks ago. Baseball also has won three of the last four. Basketball was 5th out of 12 and has GREAT Keepers. Hockey is also top four. Some details of the teams listed below. We all pay five dollars per sport for trophies, plus 20 dollars to help pay for fantasy rings for a total of 40 dollars that can be paid through Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal! A very nice trophy and the ring for the league champion. Just something cool we do that everyone seems to love. Since you are starting a couple of months in after three of the drafts, you get the yearly fee at 50 percent: $20

For basketball, its a roster of 13 and we keep five. Scoring stats are:
Points (PTS) Blocks (BLK)
Steals (STL) Assists (AST)
Rebounds (REB) Turnovers (TO)
Three Pointers Made (3PM) Field Goal Percentage (FG%)
Free Throw Percentage (FT%)

You have Cade Cunningham, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Zion Williamson, LeBron James, and Karl Anthony Towns among others!

Baseball is a roster of 21 and we keep four pitchers and four hitters. Ten categories. Five pitching and five hitting. Homeruns, rbi's, runs, stolen bases, and batting average are the hitting cats. Pitching is wins, saves, era, strikeouts, and whip. This team is currently in the playoffs!

You have Jose Ramirez, Michael Harris, Adolis Garcia, Teoscar Hernandez, Julio Rodriguez, Tatis Jr., and Semien among your hitters. Pitchers are Scherzer, Helsey, Urias, Nester Cortes, Shane McClanahan, and Kershaw among others.

Football is a roster of 14 and we keep 4. Pretty standard PPR scoring system.

You have Patrick Mahomes, Josh Jacobs, Jaylen Waddle, Bruce Hall, Alan Lazard, and DK Metcalf among others.

Hockey is a roster of 16 and you keep 6. Your typical four goalie stats and then Goals, Assists, Pim's, Power Play Points, hits, and Shots on Goal.

You have Cale Makar, Dave Pastrnak, Aleksander Barkov, Brady Tkchuk, Jason Robertson, Jack Hughes, and Sergei Bobrovsky among others

I would love to have you here in the league. If you want the spot, shoot me a text. nine one nine six three four one seven three two

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