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Never mind (1 Viewer)

He's injury history so far this year..

Week 4 - Questionable - Thigh

Week 6 - Probable - Thigh

Week 8 - Probable - Hip

Week 12 - Out - Sand in his ######

To my knowledge, he only suffered from "sand in his ######" once this year.

My post looks even more odd without a title..

Ya know OP, this may be worth keeping tabs on regardless. Rivera (TE on OAK) took one of the hardest helmet to helmet shots I've seen this year last week (helmet came flying off and he was lying there motionless). Obviously he left that game with a concussion yet he was practicing today.

I don't even know when Reed suffered his concussion but I have to admit I am a bit worried he wasn't able to pass protocol last week.


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