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NEW 12 team IDP/PPR Dynasty ($50) Live Draft, Sept 1 5:30pm (1 Viewer)


Hello, I'd like to invite anyone and everyone who is interested in joining a brand new 12 team, PPR-IDP Fantasy football league that I am building this year. I have over 10+ years experience as an owner and commissioner in fantasy football and absolutely love it as I'm sure most of you do! The league fees for this season will be $50 a team, payable as prize money to the top three teams ($350 - 1st, $150 - 2nd, $50 - 3rd, and $50 for best regular season record)

League Bylaws are already written Email me if you'd like to look them over.

This is a Dynasty League, we will have two drafts, a rookie draft consisting of 6 rounds where only Rookies may be selected becoming Franchise Players that you can keep forever.. And a regular draft for the rest of available rookies and vets consisting of 30 rounds.. At seasons end, teams may select 3 vets to keep as FP's at no cost, you may keep an additional 4th FP at the cost of your second round rookie pick next season.. Email me if you have any questions regarding the FP's..

Taxi/Practice squad - Teams will have a total of 10 taxi squad slots to start this year.. this will change throughout the years as we add more FP's to our rosters.. Only FP's may go on this taxi squad.. (Our first year we'll only need 6 slots, but have anticipated vets being kept at end of year one, again, this will change next year to make room for next years FP's..)

the league will be hosted on Yahoo.. However, I'm thinking about changing that to MFL, it's easier to support for this complex of a league.. For more information, feel free to email me - wrecks662@gmail.com or PM me here.. I did however list pretty much everything you need to know below.. Scoring is pretty basic but progressive.. Give me a shout..

Draft, Snake order, Sep. 1st @ 5:30 pm est, regular draft follows immediately at the conclusion of the rookie draft.

12 Teams, 3 Divisions

East (4), Central (4), West (4)

Top 6 Go to Championship Playoff Bracket

Bottom 6 Go to Toilet Bowl Playoff Bracket

Division Winners automatically advance to playoffs, which will be weeks 14, 15 & 16. And will be seeded by overall records (top two teams will have byes week 14) the remaining three teams will be seeded by record, then by tiebreaking procedures.

Lastly, Remaining bottom 6 teams play in the Toilet Bowl Bracket seeded accordingly like the Championship bracket above

Rosters (30 Max)

















16 slots

IR: (does not count towards your max roster)

2 slots Max (players OUT or on IR qualify)


League Scoring


4 pt's - Td Pass

1 pt - 25 yds passing

-1 pt - Interception thrown

1 pt - 10 yard rushing/rec

1 pt - Per Reception

6 pt's - Rush/Rec TD

1 pt - XP

3 pt's - FG (0-49 yards)

4 pt's - FG (50+ yards)

2 pt's - 2 pt conversion

-1 pt - Fumbles lost

6 pt's - Offensive fumble return TD

1 pt - Solo Tackle

0.5 pt's - Assist

2 pt's - Sack

2 pt's - Interception

1 pt - Pass defended

2 pt's - Forced fumble

1 pt - Fumble recovery

6 pt's - Defensive TD

2 pt's - Safety

2 pt's - Blocked kick/punt

* All your players score what they earn including special teams stats

------ ------ ------

If your still reading and still interested, there is more info.. If your in, ill send you an invite, or if you have any questions at all, give me a shout.. All I ask is be competitive, pay attention to your team and have fun! Lol... Looking forward to hearing from some of you guys or gals who are up for the challenge and some FUN! Good luck this fantasy football season everyone!

2, but merger talks are in the works to bring more in from they're league that's hurting for owners.. If I were to put a number on it, I'd say we're about half full

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