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Don Quixote

Does this work and is it not known enough that true creeps are unaware of this situation?  This seems to be passed around enough now that it isn't secretive anymore but I guess it is just an easy way to ask for help without actually asking for help - even if the creeper is aware of it. 
I think it is more of an easy way to ask for help.  I'm not sure how effective, but can't hurt, I guess.  Women seem to like it as an available option -- if you do a twitter search of #askforangela, it is mostly women asking for it in every bar.


B Maverick

Galileo said:
I had the butt funnel suggestion earlier in the thread, but it seems it got deleted   :angry: .  

Note to mods before deleting this also...this is a real thing from Bar Rescue.
Yes it is.  And that episode was on over the weekend.  I tend to catch episodes on their Sunday marathons then want to open a bar.

A lot of good tips above.  I think the biggest thing I take away from the show is the understanding that its a business and you are there to make money.  Training, systems and accountability are huge.  As the owner it falls on you. 



Be sure you’re READY when you start promoting and driving traffic.

You likely get one shot with a customer. If you #### it up, not only am I not coming back, I’m probably relaying my poor experience whenever folks ask about the place (which is common with a new place). 

To that end, I would go overboard in taking care of folks when legitimate issues arise.

An extra $20 “make-right” on the front end could pay off bigtime down the road when they come back and/or relay a positive experience rather than a negative one to folks asking about “that new bar”. 

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