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New CBS Dynasty / Couchmanagers Slow-Auction League Forming (1 Viewer)


Hello, I'm starting a new CBS Dynasty League.  The draft will be help on Couchmanagers.com and it will be a slow auction.  Details below.  Any questions, please email me:  raphy9@aol.com .  Thanks

Gridiron Kings League Constitution - 12 Team CBS Dynasty

1. Draft: Couchmanagers Slow Draft. Clock on each player will be 12 hours. Draft will begin 2 hours after the last person pays. Each team will draft 19 players on a $300 Budget. Minimum bid is $1. Second year will be a slow snake draft done on CBS (8 hours per pick). Roster size will not change in year 2 or 3 so you will need to cut a player(s) to get a draft pick prior to the draft.

2. League Fees: $500 Entry Fee. In year 1, $300 will go to the prize pool and $12 will go toward the CBS site. A $94 deposit for year 2 and year 3 is required. Deposits and prize money will be handled through Leaguesafe. If you bail, your deposit is non-refundable and will be used to give the replacement owner a discount for your ####ty team.

3. Prizes: Total Pot Year 1 = $3600. 1st Place $2000. 2nd Place $700. 3rd Place $300. 4th Place $200. Most Points (Regular Season Only) $400.

4. Rules:

a. No Coasting Allowed: There is only one way to get kicked out of the league.... Coasting, not setting your lineup, starting players on the IL, benching your stars, etc.... There will be a zero-tolerance policy for this. 1st warning: You get called out. 2nd warning: I will adjust your lineup to ensure your opponent doesn't get a free win. I will use the CBS projections to determine who gets inserted. 3rd warning: Loss of 2nd round pick the following draft. 4th warning: Loss of 1st round pick the following draft or removal from league pending league vote.

b. No Collusion/Trades: There will not be a vote on trades. All trades will be processed as soon as possible. If the village idiot trades away Aaron Rodgers to the league bully for Taylor Gabriel, I will veto the trade. You can trade future draft picks as long as both owners have paid for the following season in full.

c. Recruiting Rule: It's extremely to find replacement owners in fantasy football. In addition to their discount, replacement owners will have the option to poach players from other rosters. The existing owners will be required to nominate 4 players to go into the poaching/supplemental draft. This will happen before roster cuts prior to the rookie draft.

d. Tom Brady Rule: If Tom Brady gets a concussion or is out for season, the commissioner will be responsible for paying the entire CBS League Site Fee the following year and your $12 will go into the prize pool.

e. No Coasting Allowed, The Sequel: There will be a draft lottery for the 4 worst teams in the league. Tanking will not get you the top pick. The rest of the draft order will be determined by the standings with the champion getting the last pick.

5. Playoffs: There will be only one conference. 6 teams make the playoffs. 1st & 2nd place will get a 1st round bye. #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5 in the first round which starts week 14. Championship is week 16.

6. Dynasty League: All players are available to be kept as long as they don't get poached in the supplemental draft if we were to lose an owner(s).

7. No Salary Management in season. This will be used for drafting/auctioning purposes only.

8. Rule Changes: Although rules are subject to change, there will be no changes made to the rules until the following season.

9. FAAB/Free Agents: $100 budget and zero dollar bids are allowed. FAAB will run the mornings of Wednesday-Sunday.

10. Rosters: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex WR/RB/TE, Flex WR/RB/TE, Superflex QB/RB/WR/TE, Defense. 8 Bench Slots. Please note that you start 2 quarterbacks in this league. You will not be allowed to carry more than 4 quarterbacks unless one lands on the IR.
There are no maximum restrictions for the other positions.

11. IR: Owners will have 4 injured reserve slots.

12. Scoring

.04 points per 1 passing yards
6 points for td pass
-2 points for int
2 points for 2 pt. conversion

.1 point per 1 yard rushing
6 points for td rush
2 points for rushing conversion
-2 for lost fumble

.1 point per 1 yard receiving
1 points per reception
6 points per td reception
2 points for conversion

Offensive fumble recovery td 6 points
-2 fumble loss
6 point for fumble return td

Points Allowed 0- 6 points 10 Points
Points Allowed 7-13 points 6 Points
Points Allowed 14-20 points 4 Points
Points Allowed 21-27 points 2 Points
Points Allowed 28+ points 0 Points
Sack 1 Points
Interception 2 Points
Fumble Recovery 2 Points
Touchdown 6 Points
Safety 2 Points
Total Yards
0-49 yds - 14 points
50-99 yds- 12 points
100-149 yds- 10 points
150-199 yds- 8 points
200-249 yds- 6 points
250-299 yds- 4 points
300+- 0 points
Extra Point Returned 2 points


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