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new concept IDP league forming (1 Viewer)


Hello all,

 I am just helping my Commish promote a new 2019 league in fantrax.  I've never tried this concept before where we would use the actual NFL team roster, but sounds interesting so I signed up.  I suspect there is room for input on many things from anyone who signs up as the league is still in the concept stage.    Here is his description of the league, contact him if you have any questions:

"Looking to make a NFL league this will be a set up for next year. Looking at doing a full 32 team league, rosters will be how they end come the end of this season. After the NFL draft (2019) we will have our own 7 round draft. defence will be individual players as well as kicker and punter.

There will be a 10$ entrance fee (this is to cover the cost of the premier membership for the league). that will covers the teams first 3 years fee (this will be lowered to 2.5 after the 3 years are up). hopefully having to pay even a small fee will only get serious people and keep everyone active and on our toes.

any questions feel free to email me.

bloodwolf12@yahoo.com "



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