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New Dynasty League Drafting soon (1 Viewer)


New dynasty league is looking for owners. League features a 3 player taxi squad reserved exclusively for College Players. 21 round draft will start 24 hours after league is full. 2 round college player draft will start on August 16th. Each subsequent year there will be a 3 round rookie/free agent draft and a 2 round College player draft. $125 entry fee

League Website- http://www33.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/78458#0

Rules- http://fantasyfootballleaguesite.com/rules.html

Payouts- http://fantasyfootballleaguesite.com/payoutsleagues.html

Join League- http://fantasyfootballleaguesite.com/join-leaguerenew-team.html

90% payouts? Go look at some other sites on this forum who take up to 30% off the top.

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