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New Dynasty League (1 Viewer)


I love the Dynasty format, but a couple of the Dynasty leagues I'm in are just dead right now. No trades, no trash talking, nothing. I'm thinking of starting up another Dynasty league (I've run one for 3 years and it's been very successful). We'd start the draft (slow draft) soon and I'm only looking for owners that love to make moves and stay active. Cost would be moderate ($50 plus league fees) so this isn't a win big money league. Not IDP. Let me know if you're interested.

Sorry guys, I put this in the wrong forum. I thought I had Dating Game open. I'll move it.

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I play in 8 dynasty leagues and they are all dead now. It's just that time of the year. I personally take a break from end of regular season to first of March when free agent action starts up myself. (A needed break each year!)

What really pisses me off is leagues with slow payers! And they will be relpaced in time with leagues that pay fast!

If you want year around "action" you have to put things in place such free agency, contracts, & auctions. The leagues that don't have a couple of months of down time have various versions of those features. The leagues that have a rookie draft and the season have minor chatter here and there, but are pretty quiet.


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