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New England Patriots WRs (1 Viewer)


How do you rank the New England Patriots WRs fantasy wise for the rest of season?

WRs: Amendola, Dobson, Edelman, Thompkins, Collie

It seems like a very hit or miss situation week to week for all of them to the point that in terms of fantasy value they are all very close to being the same guy. If you own 2 or 3 of these guys on a fantasy team how do you decide who to start each week?

I own amendola and edelman on one team, I just play amendola when he is healthy(one week so far this season) and edelman otherwise.

Edelman owner here. Our league gets favorable points for return yards, so he can have a 3/30 day but have 50 return yards and get 16 points, so he is pretty valuable as a starter yet.

However, in standard leagues I would say none of them are playable at this point except amendola.

In PPR leagues I think Dobson,Amendola, and Edelman all hold value, but I would start someone else if I had an option. For me, it's Keenan Allen, and I'll be starting him this week over Edelman.

Thompkins I think is just so hit or miss. Personally I would stash him on my bench and not start him. But he has boom/bust potential

With Edelman and amendola, what I have seen is when Amendola plays, Edelman is less involved in the offense but thompkins, Dobson, etc all still get theirs.

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Dobson appears to be picking up targets now at the expense of Thompkins.

I would rank them, at this moment because it seems to change quickly, Amendola (when healthy), Edelman, Dobson, (Edelman and Dobson should be reversed in non-PPR leagues)Thompkins


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