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So I have been looking for a second IDP league to join on here for weeks. Cant find one this season. Seems like every year I join a keeper IDP league. The next season it folds up. This year it folded and the winners didn't even get paid. SOOO I have had enough. Im starting a second league. Have been running my own 14 plus years now. So willing to do one more. Looking for 9 active  team owners who are looking to  stick around long term. I will setup a league safe account for the league. I was thinking $50 a year but starting fee is $100.. that covers you for next season as well... payout 60% 30% 10% minus MFL fees. This is kind of last minute so we would need to be Johnnie on the spot with the draft. So I would say you need phone access during the day so we can keep things rolling along. 75 player roster. NO WW.  Trades after week 3 6 9 and week 11 games played only.. draft would start as soon as 10th spot is taken... if its going to slow we would need to pick a time and evening before game day Thursday to finish up.. You can take a look at rosters and scoring from the link. If your in message here or email me...Brian



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