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New League for a Bay Area, CA owners with a Live In-Person Draft Needs 2 Owners (1 Viewer)


We had a local league for years, but over time folks dropped out for various reasons.  After doing all the online leagues over the years, i wanted to put together another local league where we draft in person each year.  Draft site will be somewhere in central bay area (we have some folks from the east bay, some from south bay, and a few from the peninsula), so we will discuss and find a place as a group once we fill the league.  Right now we have 10 owners confirmed, and looking for 2 more to fill the league.  12 team league.  PPR.  1 Flex. 

If you live in the Bay Area and interested in joining or have space in your league, email me back:  ericharaga@gmail.com.  I can email you the rules, etc. 



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