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I am looking for suggestions or places to locate information on a league I would like to start. Perhaps this has been done somewhere already and that is fine...just point me to it!

I am currently in a keeper league and there are a few teams that are stacked...which is fine. They made what I would consider to be unfair trades mostly with teams that had owners leaving so they cherry picked players or made trades in the off season without league approval. The reason why their teams are so stacked is irrelevant to my question but it does give some background on the type of league I am thinking of.

I am looking for a combination auction/salary cap league. I found the following link http://fantasynews.sportsline.com/fantasyf.../story/10957627 that gives the pre-season ranking and auction value for all the positions.

My idea is to have a league where the preseason value of the players is set to a certain dollar value that holds through the entire year. When you get a player you sign them up for a two year contract.

Rookies will have a set value based on when they are drafted and have a contract as well. I have not worked out the final details because I am still trying to find additional player information before finalizing any rules.

The information I am looking for is a site or resource that ranks the players before the September date that CBS sportsline uses or a formula/resource to assign dollar values to players before the season starts.

I have all the data for the 2006 season and the 2007 preseason value and the 2007 season and 2008 preseason value. I am running some numbers trying to come up with a mathematical value but am struggling. I have been using fantasy pts/game as my standard and there will always be those few players that don't match up to a good dollar value. (How do you rate Tom Brady this year without stats...I can work out my own rules for this)

If this type of system is in use somewhere I would like to talk to the managers and get some ideas. I thought about auction but would prefer a salary cap that is not changed weekly like the yahoo salary cap leagues. The main idea is that if there is a set value on players for the year, like the NFL, if someone wants to make a trade then they have to worry about the salary cap. Draft picks have predetermined values so trading draft picks can affect your trade value and hurt your cap as well. My hope is that this type of setup will self-regulate itself.

Any thoughts are welcome. Perhaps this is a terrible idea and somebody has already tried it. Let me know what your success or failures were. The thought and research is what I really enjoy about fantasy football and I look forward to the suggestions and comments.

Any information would be greatly appreciated...and yes...I do have too much time on my hands :wolf:




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