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New League Tendencies (1 Viewer)

Short Corner

Just joined a new league (12 team ppr, all TDs 6 points, QB-2RB-3WR-TE-no flex) and drew the 2nd pick.

Obviously taking RB (Shady or JC at this point)

Started looking at previous league drafts to get a feel for what will be where and setting a baseline.

Here is what is available on average...value drop to next turn in parenthesis

2-3 turn - QB6(22.7) - RB12 :shock: (33.4) - WR7(43.4) - TE2

4-5 turn - QB10(3.3) - RB20(33.1) - WR18(28.4) - TE3

6-7 turn - QB11(33.1) - RB26(34.4) - WR29(21.4) - TE8

8-9 turn - QB14 - RB35 - WR39 - TE9

Do you grab the two WR1s while you can or do you grab the second RB1? I think the value drop leans to 2 WRs which also leaves me more flexibility later. Looking at..




Haven't played in a league that undervalues RBs this much in quite some time. I like the 2nd team.


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