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New NFL.COM Cash Fantasy Football League! (1 Viewer)


I'm making a cash 16 team fantasy football league this season on NFL.com, looking for people. It's a $50 buy in, and we're using Leaguesafe.

All the money will be payed out like this:

1st place - $440

2nd place - $100

3rd place - $50

Weekly prizes - Whoever gets the most points each week will be payed $10, this is for the first 13 weeks.

Theres going to be 8 teams playoff teams, if you make it to the playoffs (Weeks 13,14,15), then you get an additional $10.

The league's at http://mkff14.league.fantasy.nfl.com

League ID: 1853244

Password: FMLR8RWx

My email is maor.kern@gmail.com, feel free to email me any time! Once you join the league, I'll contact you about the payment details.



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