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New Orleans at St. Louis (1 Viewer)

Poor effort by Jimmy there? Or is he just too big to stop his momentum and cut back towards the ball?

That was some of the worst tackling have ever seen. I mean that was the rams 3rd string TE right? :lmao:

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Stacy may be back out there on the sidelines, jogging up and down. And then, Fisher won't put him back in and justify it by not wanting to risk further injury.

I actually think that's the second time someone has pulled an onside kick on the Saints this year.

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Am glad Stacy is back in. This is a terrific game. After watching the Giants offense mail it in at home today, gotta give Fisher and company credit for hustle and for getting after Brees. Graham will surface big time, sooner or later.

The Rams have a ton of talent and a really scary d line. I was shocked when they were struggling earlier in the season. Not shocked they're beating NO.

Jennifer Hale: "The Saints must do a complete 360 to get back in this game."

Seems like they need a basic math course in journalism school.


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