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New Orleans Saints at the falcs - Game Thread (1 Viewer)

Picked up Ridley on a hunch that he’d have some big weeks.

hat trick on my bench. :doh:  

at least I’ve got Matty Ice going in my other league, but damn that stings. 

SaintsInDome2006 said:
Well they subbed in Crawley, Williams was there to help and they still couldn’t stop it.
I hate Crawley. He's the most likely to get torched or the PI call. he gets the occasional INT but he's just grabby. Too much like Browner for my taste.

Just get one stop, for once.


For those following Kamara — no TDs, but about 150 yds from scrimmage so far.

the story of the season thusfar is Saints and penalties. every single game this year it feels like double digit calls against us.

Especially those “never gets called” penalties. Onyemata didn’t exactly blow up the long snapper on that FG. Oh well.

Just a hairs difference in that blitz hit on Ryan and the one versus Cousins last week

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NFL really knows how to please their fans don't they.

- Clay Matthews
As an Eagles fan it's more frustrating that they changed that game. But Clay got bent over and done raw without lube and they didn't even give the audacity of a reach around to him

Yeah, that spot was a gift. The low angle replays are totally inconclusive, though. Do they have one higher up?


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