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New Redraft League Forming! (1 Viewer)


Hi guys,

I run several Leagues, a keeper League, a dynasty league and now I have decided to take on a new endeavor. A 64 Team, redraft league which is based on total pts. until playoff time, then you advance by head to head results.

I will copy the league by-laws below for everyone to check out. If interested just drop me an email at fireman@lightbound.com with a team name, your name and an email address and I send send you an invite to the league. This is a $25 league with a low risk, high reward format. Overall winner will take home around $700

Fantasy Football Fall

Madness League

Official Rules and Bylaws


The Fantasy Football Fall Madness League is a redraft league. The structure of the league is simple. 4 Separate conference of 16 teams play 10 weeks of points only fantasy football. At the conclusion of week 10, each team within there conference, is ranked 1-16 based on there points total from the first 10 weeks of play. Starting in week 11 the teams begin playing head-to-head in a single elimination tournament. The team with the #1 ranking will play the team with the #16 ranking, and the #2 seeded team will play the 15th ranked team, and so on starting week 11. The winners, via head-to head results, advance to the following week and for the losers, the season ends.

II. League Management

The league will be managed by a commissioner who will be responsible for handling the duties of the league. These duties include: approving trades, running the draft, handling disputes and ensuring that each team is within the league rules and bylaws. A co-commissioner may be appointed per conference to assist with these duties but cannot be responsible for a conference they are a participant of. The chief commissioner with also be the treasurer of the league and will be responsible for collecting league fee’s and handling payments for the league service, as well as, all prize money disbursement.

III. League Structure

The league will be comprised of 4 separate 16 team conferences, each with a separate draft. The conferences will be named North, South, East and West. North will play South…East will play West to start the playoff bracket. Teams will continue to play one another similar to the March Madness bracket throughout the tournament until a sole winner is determined. The complete tournament payouts will be listed below under league fee’s. Each new year your conference location may change.

IV. Participants

For 2008 the teams are available on a first come first serve basis, however if an interested participant has not paid their league fee their team will not be reserved and will be available to another participant if their payment is received first.

a. Number of Participants

There will be a total number of 64 participants in the league.

b. Co-Managers

Each participant reserves the right to govern ownership of their team any way they see fit as long as all parties involved abide by the rules and bylaws of the league.

V. Tournament Structure

For the first 10 weeks of the NFL season each team will submit a starting lineup with the intention of scoring as many points as they can. Once week 10 is concluded, each team in each conference will be ranked from 1 to 16 based on their total points scored from the first 10 weeks. If there is a tie in total points between 2 or more teams, the tie will be broken by giving the higher seed to the team with the highest scoring player on their roster. If there is still a tie, it will be broken by the 2nd highest scoring player on their roster and so on. The tournament will be head-to-head single elimination. Once a team loses after the start of week 11 they are out of the tournament and their season is over. The tournament will begin week 11 of the NFL season and conclude with the league championship game, week 16. Week 11 will reduce the field from 64 teams to 32, week 12 will reduce the field to 16, week 13 will reduce the field to 8, week 14 reduce the field to the Final 4, week 15 will reduce the field to 2, and week 16 will result in the crowning of the FFFML champion. In the event of a tie game during the tournament, the highest scoring player in each team’s starting lineup will determine the winner and so on until a winner is decided. Remember, North plays the South and the West plays the East in the Final Four.

a. Tournament Setup

The Commissioner will set the bracket on the host site once week 10 has ended.

VI. League Fee’s

The League will cost $25 to purchase a team for one season.

VII. Prize Money Disbursement

The payout for the league will be 100% of the collected fees through paid winnings, and host site fee.

$25 x 64 = $1600

Host Site Fee = $160

Week 12 Winners (Sweet 16) = $10 x 16 = $160

Week 13 Winners (Great 8) = $35 x 8 = $280

Week 14 Winners (Final Four) = $75 x 4 = $300

Week 15 Winners (Final 2) = $100 x 2 =$200

Fantasy Football Madness Championship Winner = $500 x 1

That leaves a balance of $160 to cover the host site fee and mailing expenses.

VIII. Roster Requirements

Each team must have a total of 16 players on their roster. Each owner may have as many players as they want at each position, however they must have the minimum number of players at each position to field a legal starting lineup.

IX. Lineup Requirements

a. Starting Lineups

Starting lineups will require the following:

1 QB

2 RB

2 WR

1 TE

1 Flex (RB, WR, TE)

1 K

1 Defense

b. Lineup Submission

Lineup submission is due prior to the kickoff of the game that player is set to play in. (Example) Most of your starting players are playing at noon on Sunday. They must be submitted prior to the kickoff of that game. If you have multiply players playing in a Monday night game, they must be declared before the kickoff of that game. That goes for a Thursday night game or Saturday game as well. The host site will lock in all players declared after the start of their game for the week. Once locked in they can not be taken out or added to your starting lineup once their game has begun.

c. League Site Technical Problems

If you have issues accessing the host site and cannot submit a lineup before the start of a game in which you want to start or bench a player, you must email the commissioner and your opponent with your start lineup intentions for that week. It is always good to submit a preliminary starting lineup early in the week just in case something strange happens at the last minute. Your lineup is your responsibility and by not submitting it may result in league action against your team. (See League Actions for Rules Violations) Any emailed lineup changes will be corrected as soon as possible. Don’t abuse this courtesy.

X. Draft

Each conference with have a separate draft consisting of players on current NFL rosters. All four drafts will begin at he same time. The drafts will be serpentine drafts with the odd number rounds drafting 1 through 16 and the even number rounds drafting 16 through 1. The draft order per conference will be determined by a random draft site…probable profantasysports.com

Mailing information: Everyone will receive an email regarding their draft position. There will be a 12 hour time limit per pick. This is due to the size and number of participants and the fact that it would be impossible to get everyone online at one time. If we begin to run out of time before the start of the regular season, the time limit per pick may be reduced. Please utilize the pre-draft option when possible to speed the draft. If you are not able to make your selection within the allotted 12 hour time frame, your selection will be skipped until the team drafting directly behind you picks, at that time you will go back on the clock for 12 more hours. If your pick is skipped twice the commissioner will draft a player for you so that the draft does not become stalled. At that time you will not be able to choose your player and will have to commit to the player drafted by the commissioner for you. If you miss two straight rounds you may be replaced and your fee’s forfeited.

XI. Free Agents

a. Owners may add free agents to there squads by bidding on players.

b. Each team will begin the season with $100 bidding dollars.

c. Waiver dollars can not be transferred to another team.

d. Each week teams may bid any amount they like on available free agents, up to the total amount of their remaining waiver dollars.

e. Free agency bidding will begin after the completion of week 1 of the NFL season and continue through the start of week 10 of the NFL season.

f. The tie breaker for teams that have submitted the same winning bid for a player will be the team with the fewest total points.

g. Teams may bid on free agents up until Wed. morning at 12:00 pm1.1. Eastern Time.

h. Once the bids have been processed and players rewarded, six hours after the time deadline, free agents may be rewarded on a first come first serve basis up until kickoff of the week’s first game of the week.

i. Free agents added on the first come first serve basis are not charged any waiver dollars.

j. The last week to claim a player via free agency will be the kickoff of week 10’s first schedule games.

A. Trading of Draft Picks

Once the draft order is set, you may begin to trade draft picks if you choose. All trades must be equal in the amount of picks given up to the amount of picks received. No team may have more or less than 16 draft picks.

B. Trading of Players

Once the draft is concluded, you may not trade away players with another franchise.

C. Official Trading Policy

Draft picks traded to another team become official once they are approved by the commissioner or co-commissioner of your conference. To gain approval by the commissioner one team must propose the trade through the web site and another team must accept the offer. No email trade acceptances will be allowed. Also, if you propose a trade through the league site and change your mind but don’t remove the offer from the league site and another owner accepts the offer, it is a done deal.

D. Trade Deception

Attempting to trade players via free agency will not be tolerated and may be grounds for removal from the league and forfeiture of your fee’s.

E. Vetoes

Sometimes owners feel that a trade offer may be one-sided or unfair and beneficial to only one team. That may be the case; however it is still a legal trade. Collusion will not be tolerated though. We want to discourage all owners from engaging in any unethical dealings, but different owners have different opinions of the value of draft picks at certain spots of the draft. Therefore, most trades will be accepted, unless obvious collusion is observed. If an owner, within the same conference, feels that a trade is a result of collusion, a vote of veto may be requested. The entire league will vote on the call of veto. This vote will be done in a timely manner. If it is decided that the trade offer is a result of collusion between two teams the trade will be reversed and the commissioner will investigate and take proper action. Each franchise is allowed one call of veto per year. Hopefully we will never have to use this rule. Collusion is grounds for dismissal and forfeiture of fees paid.

F. Trade Discussions

Please show courtesy to your fellow league members when proposing and replying to trade offers. Owners should make every attempt to reply within a timely manner. I would suggest hashing out your offers via email and once agreed upon, submitted through the site for acceptance. Timely communication between league owners, when it comes to trading, only enhances the experience. Each person must take it upon themselves to act professionally.

XII. Conduct

Each owner should act in a professional manner when representing the league. Each owner should treat each member with respect. Discussions and arguments will happen, but vulgar name-calling and any threatening statements will result actions taken by the league from a warning, to a points reduction, or even removal from the league and forfeiture of your fees. Respect your fellow owner’s opinions and feel free to trash talk, but do not intentionally cause another owner to feel uncomfortable.

XIII. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

a. Collusion

Any participant who colludes in an effort to gain an advantage over his fellow league members, will be disbanded from the league and forfeit his league fees. If for any reason a league member suspects and act of collusion it should be brought to the attention of the commissioner.

b. Team Competitiveness and Tanking

Participants are expected to run there franchise in a professional manner throughout the entirety of the season. Tanking will not be tolerated. As this is a points only league up until the tournament, this rule should not come into effect, however if a league member does try to tank in order to control their tournament position, the league will take appropriate action.

c. Team Abandonment

If an owner fails to repeatedly reply to emails or phone calls or voluntarily quits the league or fails to pay their league fee’s, that team will be declared abandoned and forfeit their league fees. As a result of a team becoming abandoned, the commissioner will announce the abandonment to the rest of the league and possible replacement will be found if possible. If an owner can not be found the commissioner will manage the team with all winnings being added to the overall champions’ payout. If for some unforeseen reason an abandoned team wins the title, the money will be divided amongst all the top 16 team owners.

XIV. League Expulsion

Owners who have shown willingness to violate league rules and bylaws on a consistent basis or have proven to cheat will be removed from the league, forfeiting their league fees and winnings.

XV. Rule Interpretation

During the season, certain situations may occur that may call into effect specific rules that may be interpreted differently by owners. Official interpretation of any league rule or bylaw is at the discretion of the league commissioner who will interpret all rules with the intended interpretation when they were written.

XVI. Scoring


4 pts per TD (passing)

1 pt per every 20 yards passing

1 pt per reception

1 pt per every 10 yards rushing

1 pt per every 10 yards receiving

-2 pts for every interception

2 pts for a 2 pt conversion(passing, receiving or running)


6 pts per TD (rushing, receiving or passing)

1 pt per 10 yards (rushing, receiving or passing)

1 pt per reception

2 pts for (rushing, receiving or throwing) a 2 pt conversion

III. Kicker

1 pt per extra point made

3 pts per field goal made (1 to 39 yards)

4 pts per field goal made (40 to 49 yards)

5 pts per field goal made (50 and above)

IV. Defense

6 pts for any defensive TD(Interception or fumble return for TD)

6 pts for any special teams TD(Punt or Kickoff Returned for TD)

2 pts per interception

2 pts per fumble recovery

2 pts per sack

2 pts per safety

10 pts for a shut out

5 pts for holding opponent to less than 7 pts scored

3 pts for holding opponent to 8-14 pts scoring

Special Scoring Notes:

This is a decimal scoring system so .1 points per yard is awarded for most scoring rules. TE position will be rewarded 1.5 points per reception.



I have filled 8 spots in four days, moving right along. This is going to be a great league so don't miss out. It's early yet but things are going to pick up after the NFL draft. It' will be training camp before you know it.


Coin Flip

Did you take this from another league possibly? I run Football Madness and your bylaws read like mine very close to the tee.....if you just came up with this idea completely on your own, and wrote those bylaws on your own I find it incredibily freaky! Wow.

Last year the guy who wanted to run a league like this bailed on our league completely. Alot of the guys wanted to try to run it anyway, so they asked me to take it over. If your the original guy then this would make more sense.......but then I would ask why dont you just take over the league you bailed on last year ( I dont have to be the commish at all, you can have it back) but if your not the same guy then this seems close to a steal of rules to me. Which I dont think it necessarily bad, but you coulda asked if copying the bylaws was cool with us.

Just looking for some help understanding.



Hey Coin,

The guy that set up the league was the one who started it and then gave you guys the control. He plays in a Dynasty League that I run. I was in your league last year until a draft snaffu caused my pick to be skipped numerous times so I decided to just give up the team because I felt I would just be pissed the entire year. Better for the league. All worked out fine.

The rules are similar to yours because I used the same format and changed some things. I liked how yours were written and I made changes from them to fit the type of league and the particulars that my host site could provide. I didn't think it was that big a deal. Not trying to steal from your league's rules or players. I am sure most of your participants will be back to your league. It was a great league and the format was cool.

I just decided to start my own and have filled it with owners of my other leagues I run.



Coin Flip

Hey Coin,The guy that set up the league was the one who started it and then gave you guys the control. He plays in a Dynasty League that I run. I was in your league last year until a draft snaffu caused my pick to be skipped numerous times so I decided to just give up the team because I felt I would just be pissed the entire year. Better for the league. All worked out fine.The rules are similar to yours because I used the same format and changed some things. I liked how yours were written and I made changes from them to fit the type of league and the particulars that my host site could provide. I didn't think it was that big a deal. Not trying to steal from your league's rules or players. I am sure most of your participants will be back to your league. It was a great league and the format was cool. I just decided to start my own and have filled it with owners of my other leagues I run. Rich
Not really sure it is a problem at all, I just wanted you to take this back if you were the original guy. Trust me I got into this by default last year, and giving it back would be FINE.I dont remember any draft snaffu that wouldve caused your pick to be skipped other than the timer running out possibly......not sure what your name was in our league so the circumstances have me at a loss....but again as you said it probably worked out for the best if you were not happy. Unless you were the guy who did not draft a full roster.......cause that was a requirement. To keep the rosters is complete balance.Good luck......cause finding 64 owners is definately a task. That is the main reason the guy bailed in the first place last year. I recruited nearly all owners but 10.....we will have openings.........not all 64 owners will be returning......people have cutbacks to make.

Coin Flip

I can also tell you this......if you run more than one league (which you said you do) MFL gives a discount for commish's with multiple leagues. I have not one time paid the $160 league fees you state in your bylaws......so if I were you I would ask for that multi team discount and give some of that money back to your owners.

I never paid more than $129 yet. (It was an automatic discount)



Hey Coin, I run my leagues through rtsports. I always have, just because I like there format and customer service. There a little more expensive than some others but usually offer me a 20% discount per league I run. This league has been a special request because they don't usually handle more than 50 teams per league but they have allowed me this league and have not charged me any additional cost.

I agree, it will not be an easy task to fill a league of this size. I have already signed up 10 solid teams and it's only April so there is plenty of time. Things will pick up after the NFL draft. I think this is the earliest I have ever started recruiting for a league but my other leagues are well established and I haven't lost an owner in a couple years.

I'm sure you'll do fine with the other league though, it was a great concept and that is why I decided to branch off and start my own. It was a great idea and was run great. You guys did a wonderful job. If I wasn't doing my own league I had planned to re-enter yours.

Coin, your well respected around here and if you ever need anything from me don't hesitate to ask.


Coin Flip

I hear good things about rtsports....sounds like they hooked ya up. Just didnt know if you were running it at MFL if you knew about the discount......you would be surprised how many commish's dont.



16 teams signed up - 1/4th filled. Lets talk, send me an email if your interested. There have been over 300 views of this post. Someone out there must be looking for a new league and this is a great new league to give a try. Low entrance fee with high payout to overall winner.



I need 40 active owners to fill this league. I wanted to be half filled by the end of May so I'm happy to just be 8 teams away from that goal. I need active owners, it's going to be an interesting league and the cost is a mere $25 for the year.

Go check it out www.rtsports.com

League id: fffmlg

password: welcome

This will gain you access as a guest to look over the host site.

Send me an email, fireman@lightbound.com if you have any questions.



30 Openings Remain!

There starting to go fast guys, don't miss out on the opportunity to come on board while there's still time.



I recently signed up. Once everyone is registered and paid we will be given our draft spots. Then we can make trades. I think the draft will begin shortly after this.



thx Bcat,

Yes, right now we are just trying to get the league filled and then get everyone's dues collected. Once those two things are done, we will select our draft orders and then begin draft pick trading for a period of time. I would hope that we could start the drafts by late June but more likely early to mid July.

We have 29 openingings left to fill. My goal was halfway by the end of May and we are way ahead of that. If your waiting in the wings, now is the time to sign up. These spots will go fast.



Alright, with 28 openings remaining it's time to make that final push. Come one, come all. Over 1000 people have looked at this forum, there has got to be 28 idividuals willing to join a new exciting league. Let's get this filled so we can begin more import things, like get our draft order.


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