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NEW RTTC Dynasty Startups plus Special for remaining Orphan! (1 Viewer)


Now filling New RTTC Dynasty Startup Leagues!! $200, $100, $50 price points at 16, 14 and 12 team sizes. Superflex Dynasty. Drafts start 24-48 after filling. PPR, .25ppc. 4rd rookie draft after 1st yr. Toilet Bowl for non playoff teams (winner gets comp pick at end of 1st rd). Leagues are yearlong and run on MFL. Each league has a GroupMe chat for communication and Entry fees collected through LeagueSafe.  

We are running a special to fill the last RTTC orphans. Anyone who joins a new startup league, can purchase an Orphan team for free this year and half off of next year's dues and/or purchase a Dispersal team for free this year (just pay next year's dues). Please apply for both at the same time.

Sign ups here:
Startup Sign up - https://www.rttcdynasty.com/startups
Orphans- https://www.rttcdynasty.com/orphans
Dispersals- https://www.rttcdynasty.com/dispersal-leagues

30 Roster spots in-season; 40 off-season

Unlimited IR spots

1 Quarterback

2 Running Backs

2 Wide Receivers

1 Tight End

3 Flex (RB, WR, TE)

1 SuperFlex (QB, RB, WR, TE)


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