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Hi guys, I've just joined a league this year that uses 1 starting def. player with the standard fantasy roster. We only get points for sacks, ints, and touchdowns. I'm planning on dropping Erasmus James...who should I pick up?I have Ray Lewis and Erasmus James and this is a dynasty league. 3 pts for a sack, 5 points for an int, and 6 for td.Taken PlayersD. Sanders(Bal - DB)M. Strahan(NYG - DL)T. Law(NYJ - DB)S. Rice(TB - DL)Z. Thomas(Mia - DL)Ja. Taylor(Mia - DL)M. Vrabel(NE - DL)P. Surtain(KC - DB)C. Bailey(Den - DB)B. Urlacher(Chi - DL)K. Bulluck(Ten - DL)Ju. Smith(Cin - DL)J. Peppers(Car - DL)P. Buchanon(Hou - DB)E. Reed(Bal - DB)B. Russell(Cle - DB)K. Williams(Min - DL)S. Taylor(Was - DB)A. Rolle(Ari - DB)

LB offers consistent scoring... the best ones like uhrlacher and bullock can also score with big plays... i would look for next best LB after those two... ideally with similar playmaking attributes. preferably a young guy since you have ray ray... though with only 1 starter and a bench player, i suppose there is always a pool of pretty good players... but even than, if you don't get best LBs, someone else will... donnie edwards is great but is in his thirties... some good young talent would maybe include jonathan vilma, will witherspoon, odell thurman...mike peterson isn't young but isn't exactly old at around 28-29...andra davis stock is soaring right now... he leads the league in tackles through the first two games. its not like he came from nowhere... he had a great season in 2003... i think the level he is playing at is sustainable... ie - he is for real. don't think a wait & see stance needs to be taken with antonio pierce... if anybody thought he was a system guy with WAS, he has looked great in the first two games with the giants. with respect to strahan, he is probably best giants defensive player already. he is very athletic & is a three down LB who never has to leave field... that = lots of extra tackle & big play opps.

Bob's advice is generally spot-on, but I think he might have misread your post here...Unless I misunderstand you when you sayWe only get points for sacks, ints, and touchdowns, your IDPs don't get any fantasy points for solo or assisted tackles. In this case, the usual thinking about IDPs can be tossed out the window. Donnie Edwards, Vilma, Witherspoon (and even Ray Lewis) have very little value in this scoring system. Interceptions are pretty tough to predict, and TDs can be ignored as a category since they're so rare and impossible to predict. So what you want to do is get your hands on some sack artists. Guys like Dwight Freeney are tailor-made for this system. Leonard Little, Charles Grant, Terrell Suggs, Will Smith, Osi Umenyiora are others to consider. And Demarcus Ware if you want to stash someone for the future. Or you can just go with a "defensive end du jour" and take whoever is lining up against David Carr for the week. ;)

I'd go with Takeo Spikes. He's a big-play monster.
He's the kind of play-making LB I would go with if I had to take a LB in this league (or a Julian Peterson or Karlos Dansby or someone of their ilk). But since you don't have to take a LB, why do it? Let's assume Spikes puts up numbers along his career average, and gets 3 sacks, and a couple of picks. That's 19 points in this system. He's scored a TD in 3 of his 8 seasons, but let's be generous and assume he returns one of his INTs for a TD this year too. He now has 25 points. Freeney has never put up as few as 10 sacks in a season. But let's assume he has a crap year and only gets 10. That's still 30 points. I just don't see how you don't go for a pass-rushing DE in this scoring system.
nice catch, onionsack...for that matter, maybe ray lewis could be dropped for a second DE...i have never heard of a league that didn't score tackles & missed it... that does explain why some CBs were interspersed in players taken already (well not really :) ).


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