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New York City strip club decides to stop showing Giants games (1 Viewer)


New York City strip club decides to stop showing Giants games

By John Breech | CBSSports.com

October 7, 2013 4:21 pm ET

If rock bottom is when a strip club decides to stop televising your games because your team is so bad, then the Giants are there. Rick's Cabaret, a gentleman's club in midtown Manhattan, has decided to stop showing the 0-5 Giants because it's making customers too depressed.

"After five straight losses, the crowd turned and started booing the TVs. The girls had to work extra hard. We are the first club to ban the Giants,” club spokesperson Lonnie Hanover said, via the New York Post.

You know your team is unwatchable when strippers don't want to watch anymore, "Nobody throws a party better than Rick's Cabaret -- we are all about fun -- and it's no fun watching the Giants anymore,” Rick's Cabaret Girl Lindsay said, via Busted Coverage. "We love the Giants, but they get the crowd at our Weekend Football Viewing Parties all depressed"

The club has said it plans to continue showing 'all other NFL teams,' so if any New York City-area Jaguars or Buccaneers fans need a strip club to watch their games at, it sounds like Rick's is available. If you're a Ravens fan, you could do your best Jacoby Jones-impression and ride a party bus to Rick's to watch Baltimore play on Sunday's.

As for Giants fans who want to watch their team on TV at a strip club, they'll have to find someplace else to go and they'll need to do it soon. The Giants play on Thursday night this week.
I hate when my new 34D's are overshadowed by utter football incompetence.

It's like stripper impotence.



OK just one:

Patrons complained the Giant receivers were too well covered and werent getting their hands on the ball.


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