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Newport RI recommendations? (1 Viewer)


Searched for a thread and couldn't find anything. Please direct me if I'm missing something...

Newport Rhode Island is a place my wife and I have talked about going to in the past, and now thinking ahead to that being a possible location for a kid-free long weekend in June. 

Usually I'm pretty good with narrowing down options for where to stay on vacations but I'm pretty stumped on hotel/b&b-type locations in this instance. There seem to be a number of high end places ($700+/night) but I'm looking for a notch or two below that. Preference would be to stay within $500/night and I'm pretty surprised to be having difficulty in finding at least a couple options that don't have mixed reviews. Then again, it's a place on the water at high season so everything is likely inflated.

All feedback/suggestions are appreciated. We're not overly concerned about amenities. Good location is the most preferable.




I got nothing.  I live close by and never actually stayed overnight in a Newport Hotel.  Newport Park bench, yes.  Hotel, no.  



I'm not going to be much help here but I really enjoyed my little three day getaway in Newport.   It was a few years back so I forget the names, etc but we had some fancy bed and breakfast which was great.  It wasn't on the water but good central location.  I don't think it was more than $300/night.  I'd recommend chartering a sailboat one day and taking in the coast from a far.   Cool little town. 


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