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Newton or Keenum - Week 2 (1 Viewer)


Normally I'd start Newton vs Atlanta and not think twice.  BUT, with their OL issues and receiver issues, I'm actually thinking of starting Keenum vs Oakland over him.

Scoring is 1pt/20 yds passing, 1 pt/10 yds rushing, 6 pts TD  (pass/rush/rec), -2 pts INT/Fumbles

Am I overthinking it?

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I think this is overthinking. Cam is a top-3 QB this week in my eyes. Atlanta is down arguably their top-2 defensive players. Keenum had a nice game last week, but can we really trust him? 



I am going the other way.. Cam lost Olson & 2 of his OL.  He will be the focus of the Def plan and not likely to see much breathing room.  Case will not have much pressure. 


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