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NFFC, take the 10 PHI D points or start Cincy D? (1 Viewer)


NFFC offers a free look at the Thursday night game week one. Would you take the guaranteed 10 points from the Philly D or start the Cincy D @ IND?


Sacks 1.00
Interception 2.00
Fumble Recovery 2.00
Interception TD Return 6.00
Fumble TD Return 6.00
Kick Return TD 6.00
Punt Return TD 6.00
Blocked Kick TD 6.00
Safeties 2.00
Shutout 12.00
Points Against 2-7 8.00
Points Against 8-12 4.00
Points Against 13-17 2.00
Failed 2pt / PAT Return 2.00


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