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NFL Arrest Database (1 Viewer)

663 arrests over 12.5 yrs = 20.7 arrests /team

Interesting to see which teams had most/fewest arrests.
Nice to see Cincinnati reclaiming the lead from Minnesota.

[SIZE=medium]Cincinnati[/SIZE] 40 [SIZE=medium]Minnesota[/SIZE] 40 [SIZE=medium]Denver[/SIZE] 35 [SIZE=medium]Tampa Bay[/SIZE] 32 [SIZE=medium]Jacksonville[/SIZE] 28 [SIZE=medium]Miami[/SIZE] 28 [SIZE=medium]Tampa Bay[/SIZE] 28 [SIZE=medium]Kansas City[/SIZE] 27 [SIZE=medium]Cleveland[/SIZE] 26 [SIZE=medium]San Diego[/SIZE] 25 [SIZE=medium]Chicago[/SIZE] 24 [SIZE=medium]Indianapolis[/SIZE] 23 [SIZE=medium]New Orleans[/SIZE] 20 [SIZE=medium]Seattle[/SIZE] 20 [SIZE=medium]Oakland[/SIZE] 19 [SIZE=medium]Pittsburgh[/SIZE] 19 [SIZE=medium]Washington[/SIZE] 18 [SIZE=medium]Atlanta[/SIZE] 17 [SIZE=medium]Baltimore[/SIZE] 17 [SIZE=medium]Carolina[/SIZE] 17 [SIZE=medium]Detroit[/SIZE] 17 [SIZE=medium]Green Bay[/SIZE] 17 [SIZE=medium]New England[/SIZE] 15 [SIZE=medium]Buffalo[/SIZE] 14 [SIZE=medium]Dallas[/SIZE] 14 [SIZE=medium]Minnesota[/SIZE] 13 [SIZE=medium]San Francisco[/SIZE] 13 [SIZE=medium]N.Y. Jets[/SIZE] 12 [SIZE=medium]Philadelphia[/SIZE] 12 [SIZE=medium]Arizona[/SIZE] 11 [SIZE=medium]Houston[/SIZE] 9 [SIZE=medium]St. Louis[/SIZE] 9 [SIZE=medium]Free agent[/SIZE] 4 Total 663 Avg/month 4.39 Avg/Tm 20.72
Whew! Glad Detroit let Titus Young go before he catapulted our total # of arrests (all in a few days-span)!

add another...

Indianapolis Colts player Joe Lefeged was arrested for multiple gun-related offenses overnight in Washington, D.C., after fleeing police during a traffic stop, a police spokesman confirmed Saturday morning.

Lefeged, 25, was in a vehicle with another man when police attempted to stop the vehicle. After an unspecified chase the two were arrested, said Officer Araz Alali, a D.C. police spokesman.

A handgun was found in the vehicle, Alali said.

The arrest occurred in northeast Washington on the 4200 block of Blaine Street Northeast at 12:05 a.m. Saturday.

Lefeged and Timothy Wilson, 23, are both being arraigned this afternoon on various charges, including: carrying a firearm without license, unregistered firearm, unregistered ammunition and presence of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Lefeged is from nearby Germantown, Md. He is a safety who was signed by the Colts as an undrafted free agent in 2011.

Lefeged is primarily a special-teamer. In two seasons, the former undrafted safety out of Rutgers started five of 32 games. He's made 65 total tackles with two interceptions.

Contacted Saturday morning, a Colts spokesman said the team had no information of Lefeged’s arrest.

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