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NFL.com's entire list of Pro Day results. (1 Viewer)

Andy Dufresne


Gil Brandt's fantasy stuff is worthless, but this is a nice compilation of the Pro Day results from all schools so far.

I haven't seen this posted yet, so I hope it's not a repeat.

From ESPN's site regarding Justice, Lutui, and Matua at the USC pro day:

In the vertical jump, Justice did 39 inches, an incredible mark for such a big man. He registered 38 "repetitions" in the bench press. Justice pulled up toward the end of the 40-yard drill, clutching his right hamstring, but one AFC scout still said he clocked him at 5.03 seconds. In the pass-block drills, Justice, who has the kind of wing span scouts love (34½ inches) in pass protectors, looked very agile and naturally athletic, despite the sore hamstring. "Happy with what I did and happy it's over," said Justice, who missed time during his career because of two off-field incidents, one of which included pulling a pellet gun on a USC student. "We'll just have to see where it goes from here." Where the talented Justice could be going, according to coaches and scouts, is perhaps into the top 10 in the draft. Fox noted that there are teams that like Justice a little better than they do D'Brickashaw Ferguson of Virginia, the consensus No. 1 tackle in the draft pool. "On tape, he's a player, a first-rounder," Fox said. "And that's ultimately what you're looking at when you make the final evaluation. But, yeah, Justice sure jumped out today. He could climb higher [in the first round] now, no doubt." Two other offensive linemen, guards Taitusi Lutui and Fred Matua, were also impressive. Lutui looks like a prototype NFL guard, thick and girthy, at 330 pounds, and naturally powerful. Matua, the lesser-celebrated of the two, was 301 pounds Sunday but performed as many "reps" on the bench press as did Lutui (26) and ran considerably faster (5.06-5.33) in the 40.
All these stories of pulled hamstrings during these workouts make me wonder if the timing of these things are all wrong. It seems like the players are trying to run like their in mid-season form when they're obviously not.
Not sure which is worse....

Listening to Sir Lispy expound on his FF genius or the fact that I may consider checking out the article.


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