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[NFL Draft] Most Enjoyable Media Event (1 Viewer)

What do you most enjoy?

  • Watching the NFL Draft from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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  • Opening the USA Today Sports Page the Monday after

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  • Catching a Draft Recap show [ESPN or NFL Chan] on Monday or Tuesday

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I love the NFL draft and I am sucking up all the excitement, but historically speaking I tend to enjoy that USA Today Sports Page 'NFL Draft' recap page on Monday the most.

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I love watching it on television. Back in the early '80s it used to be held on a Tuesday. I used to skip school in order to watch it and I haven't missed a telecast of it since 1982.

watching is great for me til they get to later rounds. Then they seem to recap the top ten 8 million times. I always figure if someone doesn't know whom the top ten were the day before, then they're not watching and/or don't care so stop recapping them!

Despyzer missing school for the draft lol


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