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NFL (Dynasty) Simulation League (One owner Opening/12 Team League): (1 Viewer)


NFL (Dynasty) Simulation League (One owner Opening/12 Team League):
Managing to an annual Salary Cap with up to 3-yr (level) contracts.  Trading or releasing players results in 1/2 player salary relief.

Must be available for late August, in-person, Draft Night:  (Milwaukee, WI metro area)
  --3 Rds of rookie draft picks (slated contract amounts)
  --Auction process for all other players not under existing contract.  if an owner holds "rights" to a player, the rights holder does not participate in the auction and instead either matches or lets the player go at the high bid.  (Rights mean the player had fulfilled previous contract under that owner).

Roster:  17 Actives; 3 PS/Practice Squad; 2 IR
Rookie drafted players are PS eligible, but may not return once activated.  In-season waiver process subject to weekly silent auction process using remaining salary cap.

1 Franchise Tag (placed on any player coming off prior existing contract and is signed to a 1yr deal at the average of the 5 highest paid at the position).  No Rights follow at end of the Franchise contract.
1 Transition Tag (placed on player coming off their rookie/drafted contract and is signed to a 1yr deal at the average of the 10 highest paid at the position.  Rights do follow at end of the Transition contract.

Trades: May include players under existing contract, player rights, or draft picks.

Standard Scoring (NO PPR) / Lineups are Modified Flex -- always 1QB, 1PK, 1DT & either:
2RB, 2WR, 1TE
2RB, 1WR, 2TE
1RB, 2WR, 2TE
1RB, 3WR, 1TE

This is NFL simulation modified for easy playability!
  --All Draft Night information (rosters, draft picks, ongoing salary cap & particularly the auction sequencing) is fully automated and displayed in real-time with a 20ft projector screen.
  --Salary cap/Rosters postings and in-season waiver updates are routed weekly.
  --Reminders are provided frequently for any upcoming league deadlines.
  --Even a roster-management tool is provided to demonstrate to you any hypothetical salary cap/roster outcomes of any two teams considering a trade.
  --Very modest purse.  This is for the serious dynasty player who enjoys the challenge and comradery of healthy organized football competition.  Common experience is to hear that an owner who joins this league feels less satisfied with others.  Reach me at tlhaupert@gmail.com.  Thank you!


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