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NFLEL team assignments of NFL-allocated players

January 27, 2006

NFL Europe


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jared Allen QB Florida Atlantic

Seattle Seahawks Gibran Hamdan QB Indiana

Oakland Raiders Reggie Robertson QB California

San Diego Chargers Larry Croom RB UNLV

San Francisco 49ers Trent Smith TE Oklahoma

Washington Redskins Antonio Brown WR West Virginia

Tennessee Titans O.J. Small WR Florida

New York Jets Marco Cavka T Sacramento State

Detroit Lions Clint Stickdorn T Cincinnati

Indianapolis Colts Mike Johnson C Kansas State

New York Giants Joe Iorio C Penn State

New York Jets Michael King G Northwestern State, La.

Buffalo Bills LaWaylon Brown DT Oklahoma State

Carolina Panthers Tony Brown DT Memphis

Philadelphia Eagles Darrell Lee DE Florida

Chicago Bears Jeremy Cain LB Massachusetts

Green Bay Packers Atari Bigby S Central Florida

Kansas City Chiefs Justin Perkins CB Connecticut


Cleveland Browns Lang Campbell QB William & Mary

Chicago Bears B.J. Symons QB Texas Tech

Green Bay Packers Brian Wrobel QB Winona State

Jacksonville Jaguars Lee Webb RB USC

San Diego Chargers Derek Farmer RB Stephen F. Austin

Atlanta Falcons Jason Randall TE Michigan State

New Orleans Saints Lance Moore WR Toledo

Atlanta Falcons Robert Redd WR Bowling Green

San Francisco 49ers Patrick Estes T Virginia

Miami Dolphins Orrin Thompson T Duke

Tennessee Titans Joel Rodriguez C Miami

Carolina Panthers Chad Beasley G/T Virginia Tech

Atlanta Falcons Toby Cecil C Texas Tech

Detroit Lions Kevin Carberry DT Ohio

Houston Texans Jason Davis DT West Virginia

Jacksonville Jaguars Elton Patterson DE Central Florida

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jermaine Taylor LB Bridgewater, Va.

Houston Texans Anthony Floyd S Louisville

Baltimore Ravens Duvol Thompson CB Pennsylvania


New York Jets Kliff Kingsbury QB Texas Tech

Buffalo Bills Tory Woodbury QB Winston-Salem

St. Louis Rams Fred Russell RB Iowa

Washington Redskins Calen Powell TE Duke

Cincinnati Bengals Jamall Broussard WR San Jose State

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Carter WR Troy

Kansas City Chiefs Jeremy Parquet T S. Mississippi

Denver Broncos Erik Pears T Colorado State

Detroit Lions Dave Pearson C Michigan

Arizona Cardinals Kyle Schmidtt C Maryland

Detroit Lions Levi Newton G South Florida

Kansas City Chiefs Arrion Dixon DT Arkansas

Kansas City Chiefs Eddie Freeman DT UAB

Carolina Panthers Otis Grigsby DE Kentucky

Detroit Lions Matt Grootegoed LB USC

New England Patriots Raymond Ventrone S Villanova

Seattle Seahawks Lance Frazier CB West Virginia


Buffalo Bills Craig Ochs QB Montana

Arizona Cardinals Jeff Otis QB Columbia

San Francisco 49ers Bryson Spinner QB Richmond

New York Jets Terry Butler RB Villanova

Detroit Lions Sean McHugh TE Penn State

St. Louis Rams Jeremy Carter WR W. Carolina

Dallas Cowboys Tom Crowder WR Arkansas

Chicago Bears Qasim Mitchell T North Carolina A&T

Kansas City Chiefs Will Svitek T Stanford

New York Jets Charles Missant C W. Michigan

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jason Nerys G Delaware

New York Jets Isaac Snell G North Dakota State

Washington Redskins Aki Jones DT Fordham

Houston Texans Elliott Harris DE/DT Arkansas

Green Bay Packers Jerome Nichols DE Wake Forest

Tennessee Titans Jared Newberry LB Stanford

Buffalo Bills Rob Lee S N. Illinois

Dallas Cowboys Lenny Williams CB Southern


Miami Dolphins Brock Berlin QB Miami

Kansas City Chiefs James Kilian QB Tulsa

New England Patriots Chad Mortensen QB San Diego

Oakland Raiders DeJuan Green RB South Florida

Denver Broncos Wesley Duke TE Mercer

Washington Redskins Richard Smith WR Arkansas

New York Jets Jovan Witherspoon WR Central Michigan

Oakland Raiders Brad Lekkerkerker T Cal-Davis

Buffalo Bills Dylan McFarland T Montana

New Orleans Saints Augie Hoffman C Boston College

Cincinnati Bengals Kyle Takavitz G Cincinnati

Cincinnati Bengals Steven Vieira G UCLA

Philadelphia Eagles Keyonta Marshall DT Grand Valley State

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Keith Wright DT Missouri

San Francisco 49ers Scott Scharff DE Stanford

Kansas City Chiefs Kris Griffin LB Indiana (PA)

New York Giants Jason Shivers S Arizona State

Green Bay Packers Jerron Wishom CB Louisiana Tech


Dallas Cowboys Drew Henson QB Michigan

Philadelphia Eagles Timothy Chang QB Hawaii

New York Giants Greg Hanoian RB Syracuse

San Francisco 49ers DeCori Birmingham RB Arkansas

Houston Texans Aaron Halterman TE Indiana

Tennessee Titans Jason Anderson WR Wake Forest

Indianapolis Colts Roscoe Crosby WR Clemson

San Francisco 49ers Harvey Dahl T Nevada

Baltimore Ravens Mike Kracalik T San Diego State

Oakland Raiders Vince Carter C Oklahoma

Denver Broncos Rob Hunt C North Dakota State

San Francisco 49ers Tony Wragge G New Mexico State

Atlanta Falcons Brook Miller DT San Diego State

Jacksonville Jaguars Walter Curry DE Albany State, Ga.

Kansas City Chiefs Zach Ville DE Missouri

New York Giants Tyson Smith LB Iowa State

Miami Dolphins Siddeeq Shabazz S New Mexico State

Green Bay Packers Therrian Fontenot CB Fresno State





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I was impressed with Gibran Hamdan til he got hurt last year. Figure Seahawk fans might be interested in him.IIRC despite being hurt they signed him to a two year deal. Not finding much via google, think he was Randel-El's backup and Spurrier drafted him. Hawks grabbed him after Gibbs let him go.

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some coaches in NFL's developmental coaching programKurt Gouveia, Chris Dishman, Reggie McElroy, Joe Bowden, and Alex Van Pelt

I dig the NFLE ... :football:Edited to add ... looking forward to seeing Wes Duke ...Also, I would think this is make or break for Drew Henson ...

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I was reading this


Richard Smith(mistated as Robert once) and Brock Berlin were a HS QB to WR connection which is kinda cool. I see Brock is from U of Miami. Is he any good?

Richard Smith is listed as a Redskin. Is he the speedy guy Vermeil used to talk about every now and then for the Chiefs? Or is Richard Smith as common a name as there is and....

I was reading this


Richard Smith(mistated as Robert once) and Brock Berlin were a HS QB to WR connection which is kinda cool. I see Brock is from U of Miami. Is he any good?

Richard Smith is listed as a Redskin. Is he the speedy guy Vermeil used to talk about every now and then for the Chiefs? Or is Richard Smith as common a name as there is and....
Same guy I think ... from Arkansas?Yes, it is.

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NFL Europe training camp locations

February 3, 2006

NFL Europe

Amsterdam Admirals: University of South Florida, E.Fowler Avenue

Berlin Thunder: Ed Radice Sports Complex, Ed Radice Drive

Cologne Centurions: Admiral Farragut Academy, 501 Park Street North

Frankfurt Galaxy: University of Tampa, W. Kennedy Boulevard

Hamburg Sea Devils: Skyway Park, George Road

Rhein Fire: Tampa Catholic High School, N.Rome Avenue

Combined workouts/scrimmages featuring all six teams will be held on the following days:

February 22, 25, March 1 (Ed Radice Sports Complex) and March 4 (University of Tampa).

cuts(these usually wind up getting a player cut from his NFL team. Not mandatory but usually happens)

Amsterdam Admirals

WAIVED: K Tyler Fredrickson, DB Lamar Lee, DB Sam Massey, OL Henry Tellis, DB Marvin Ward, WR Isaac West, TE Mark Wood. INJURED RESERVE: WR O.J. Small. REASSIGNED: TE Trent Smith(49er TE) (to Cologne). NATIONALS: Waived DB Amilcar Grot; Reassigned OL Cesar Loredo (to Cologne).

Berlin Thunder

WAIVED: DB Jamacia Jackson, DL A.J. Lindsay, WR Kendrick Moseley, P Chad Parrish, OL Brandon Phillips, RB Fred Staton, RB Webb Lee. INJURED RESERVE: RB Derek Farmer. NATIONALS: Signed WR Christopher Liess (from Cologne).

Cologne Centurions

WAIVED: WR Jonathan Carter(Jets WR), CB Randee Drew, WR Bill Flowers, TE Joey Hawkins, DE Ryan Hoffman, DE Pat Pa’u, CB Brandon Payne, TE Neil Philpot, LB Robert Rodriguez, WR Edward Simms. INJURED RESERVE: RB Jonathan Combs, OL Carlos Joseph. SIGNED: G Phil Hawkins (from Frankfurt), T William Obeng (from Rhein), TE Trent Smith (from Amsterdam). NATIONALS: Reassigned WR Christopher Liess to Berlin; Signed OL Cesar Loredo from Amsterdam.

Frankfurt Galaxy

WAIVED: P Bryce Benekos, DL Derham Cato, WR Chris Davis, DB Daniel Leger, TE Duncan Reid, WR Thomas Hannibal, LB Daryl Towns, RB Butchie Wallace, WR Mike Warfield. INJURED RESERVE: RB Terry Butler; WR Jeremy Carter, DB Hiram Eugene. REASSIGNED: G Phil Hawkins (to Cologne). NATIONALS: Waived OL Peter Fields, LB Ken St. Eloi.

Hamburg Sea Devils

WAIVED: WR Matt Cherry, LS Dusty Daws, K Hayden Epstein, OL Reese Hicks, LB Pasha Jackson, TE Willie Walden, DL Davern Williams. INJURED RESERVE: S Chonn Lacey, WR Marcel Willis. NATIONALS: Waived LB Fabian Bischoff.

Rhein Fire

WAIVED: WR Jason Anderson, LB Brian Atkinson, RB DeCori Birmingham, FB Doug Easlick, QB Chad Friehauf, DB Erick Haris, WR Steven Harris, TE Mike Kallfelz, DB Arnold Parker. INJURED RESERVE: FB Greg Hanoain. REASSIGNED: OL William Obeng (to Cologne

So` Timmy Chang is still giving it another try? Thought he would end up winging the ball around the Arena League.

QBs are a commodity in NFLE and aren't often cut. I think out of all the teams, only one got cut this time. I've yet to see depth charts but would imagine he's backing up Henson.


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