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NFL Game Rewind Coaches Film (1 Viewer)


I am really glad that the NFL has released the all-22 film for 2011 and 2012, but I have found lots of editing mistakes that seem to indicate a lack of quality control on the NFL's part. I tried watching the 2011 Ravens @ Patriots playoff game and it just has chronologically inaccurate plays spliced in multiple spots for some reason. I told their support team about it as well as other errors I have found in the past, but they haven't fixed them. The 2012 week 11 SF @ CHI game doesn't even have the endzone angles included in the film, it's basically wide angle all-22 condensed, which is actually a nice mistake on their part that I enjoyed watching. I think you should be able to select 1 angle or the other if you want, but that's just me. There is so much more that they can do with the film, but I really question how many people actually watch it. I get the feeling that many fans are so use to watching just a part of the game as shown on TV that they don't care to see the whole field and when they do watch it, the lack of sound is too foreign and it's too hard to see the ball, not to mention how hard it is to digest everything that is actually going on even when seeing each play twice. This leads me to believe that quality control and improvements to the coaches film experience are not a big priority for the NFL. Which isn't good enough in my film room junky opinion.So please if you find editing errors in the coaches film, broadcast, or condensed versions please post them here. Any other thoughts on the coaches film are welcomed too, it's the biggest innovation in watching the NFL this century and it isn't getting enough attention.

The 2012 week 11 SF @ CHI coaches film seems to be fixed.

The 2011 playoff game BAL @ NE coaches film is still incorrectly edited and has random plays spliced in at weird times. I emailed them about this months ago.

You got sound on all 22? I never have. I wish there was an option for field and crowd noise only.

2013 Week 1 TB @ NYJ - Coaches Film Errors

Basically after every play from the Sideline Angle shot there is a second of the play before spliced in, then it goes to the current play Endzone Angle.

You still have to love this watching the all 22 coaches film. It led to me picking up Terrell Pryor I was not thinkin bout getting him but when I watched coach tape he seemed to make pretty good decisions when he ran it was because no one was open or pressure

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Having most of the commercials edited out makes it more than worth the cost to me. I still fall asleep watching games though.

2013 Week 1 TB @ NYJ - Coaches Film Errors

Basically after every play from the Sideline Angle shot there is a second of the play before spliced in, then it goes to the current play Endzone Angle.
2013 Week 1 CIN @ CHI

2013 Week 2 CLE @ BAL, SD @ PHI

Same problem.

I'm guessing there are more games with this issue that I haven't gotten to yet. I've emailed gamerewind.support@nfl.com about the games and they haven't been fixed nor have they claimed the problem is on my end. If you are reading this and can check to see if the games work properly for you, please post here. If the games aren't working, please email support about it. The responses that I get from them are very generic and unhelpful.

2013 Week 3 NYG @ CAR

The Giants first offensive drive is edited incorrectly. There are 4 plays in a row listed at the 12:58 mark in the first quarter and they show out of order in the coaches film. I just started watching the game so I'm not sure if there are more errors.

2013 week 3 ATL @ MIA condensed version has many many plays that start a second into the play. The coaches film of the same game also has some editing errors where a second of the previous play in spliced in between the wide angle shot and the endzone angle shot. It's getting really annoying at how poorly the NFL is handling Game Rewind. I am starting to hope that it's my computer that is causing so many errors, but support has not told me otherwise. If anyone reading this can confirm these errors one way or the other it would be helpful.
There are so many errors each and every week with the coaches film and the support staff has not made it a priority to maintain the archive. It's really disappointing and frustrating. I realized weeks ago that it would be a hassle to post every messed up game here so I just stopped. I just checked the week 1 Jets game problem that I mentioned earlier in this thread and told the support staff about... it hasn't been fixed. I've emailed them, called them, and finally got the email address of a supervisor or whatever. He says he'll help me. First game I go to watch today week 11 MIN @ SEA 11:08 into the coaches film and it jumps from the 1st quarter to the 4th quarter. It's ridiculous.

Please email gamerewind.support@nfl.com and beg them to do a quality control check on all the games. There is obviously nobody doing this. I can't believe how poorly this archive is being maintained. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.


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