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NFL games on iTunes? (1 Viewer)



At the table with the NFL are reported to be Apple Computer, Google Inc. , Microsoft Corp., Sony Corp., Yahoo Inc. and possibly others which were not considered media players five years ago, when the first rights deals were done, according to the Tribune.
'Bout time, I think. I was impressed with what iTunes had to offer during the BCS games and NCAA BB tourney, highlights or no.The league's had Steve Sabol and his company on the sidelines of every game for years, capturing video/audio. How long are they gonna just sit on the footage and not have it available online for streaming/download?


As for Steve Sabol, he probably owns the rights to more videos than the NFL itself. I remember an article once upon a time stating something like that. Did his dad used to do it too? 99% sure of it.

I think this is a means to establish the market price for Sportsline. They seem to be the NFL's web counterpart.

Their coverage of the NCAAs was suhweet. I got to watch any game as long as I waited in line(of sorts) and I loved it. I was going to start a thread on this wonderring how you guys think that affects the NFL.

Apple and Microsoft limits them to those platforms so why bother? I have always been a fan of Sony's but....still think this is all for Sportsline.

What I don't get is if the NFL on DirectTV. I wouldn't bother if I could get it on my computer esp at a cheaper rate. That will be interesting when that comes around.

At the least, IMO, the blacked out fans should be able to watch on the web and in return they can spam those pages with 8000 ads. Not being able to watch your home team is awful.

Apple and Microsoft limits them to those platforms so why bother?
Not sure what you meant by this as iTunes is available for the PC & Mac. Also, with the iPod, the vids wouldn't be tethered to a computer.

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