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NFL GM Dating Game (1 Viewer)


There seems to be more player movement this year than previous years (just perception?). From cuts to trades to rumors, even in-season (which seems very rare to me) NFL GM's are earning their paychecks more than ever.

Given the marketplace for player movement is very active and we're all sharks here :goodposting: , let's help the GM's out by giving them some ideas of trades that SHOULD (hypothetically of course) happen.

Here's mine...

Lee Evans traded to Oakland or Detroit: Lee Evans is in a contract year and while I'm sure Buffalo will pay him, I'm not convinced they will get their money's worth out of Evans in the context of their offensive scheme. Evans is a burner and while Edwards is progressing, I'm not bullish on his ability to be a consistent deep-ball passer. The Bills offensive philosophy is way more about getting first downs than it is about hitting the big play and I don't see this changing even after they open the bank vault for Evans. Al Davis has always preferred to put speed guys on the field and throw deep early and often. Right now, they just don't have the personnel to do it. Walker is a bust, and no other receiver on the team has the polish or pedigree that Lee Evans could bring to that style of offense. I'm not sure what combination of player(s) or pick(s) it would take to make it happen. The Raiders are deep at CB (perhaps not good though) and RB but neither is a major area of need for Buffalo at the moment. A high draft pick would seemingly need to be in the equation. The other possible destination for Evans could be Detroit. Roy Williams has been openly vocal about his discontent being second fiddle to Calvin. If Roy went to Buffalo, he'd be the unquestioned #1 guy and is a better fit than Evans in that offense IMO. Meanwhile, Evans could really stretch defenses and open the field even more for Calvin. Evans has also proven to be somewhat of a lunchpale player and would probably be just fine playing opposite Megatron. Without a GM though, the Lions don't figure to be moving any players anytime soon.

What's yours?


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