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NFL Head Coach and Staff Rankings (1 Viewer)

I hopped on the Patriots bandwagon in '99 when I moved to Boston. So I don't have the same battle scars that some of the old timers have from Rod Rust etc. 

I don't know what the heck Bill's doing right now. I'm listening to some of the local coverage and it seems like Joe Judge is the QB/ passing game coord and Matt P is coaching the OLine and the running game. I sure hope this works out. I know Bill's an institution and in Bill we trust and all that. I'm feeling pretty mystified though. 

Bill can have Matt P run the Defense again. He's done it before. With some oversight, why not? Steven B did NOT do a good job as the defacto D d coord last year. He can be co-leading the D with Matt P and this will hopefully no longer be an area Bill needs to rescue from ineptitude of his kid again this year. Maybe even force a punt against Buffalo. 

Judge, who's Giants were one of the worst at scoring TDs in the last 10 years, I want no where near this offense. Special teams were not up to their usual last year so why not have him help fix it. One less thing for BB to have to spend a ton of time on.

Which leaves Bill to run the offense. I'm sure he has ideas on how he wants things to go. No more Josh McDaniels so who knows what they're going to do. Bedard said the ran a lot more zone than he thought he'd see. 

I love Bill but feels like he's making this all way to complicated. I don't know if the entire coaching staff is a top 4. Chiefs, Bills, Ravens, Rams, Steelers, Niners I think I'd put above them until proven otherwise. 

Hope I'm wrong. 

It seems unreasonable to me to not have the Titans be #1 or maybe top three. Vrabel wins coach of the year- a million injuries and issues and they were #1 seed for the playoffs.


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