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NFL Playoffs Fantasy Challenge - MFL - $30/buy-in - $360-1st/$240-2nd/$120-3rd (Min-24 teams/Max-100 teams) (1 Viewer)


Did your fantasy team tank this year? Were you bounced from your playoff matchup? Perhaps you lost your championship matchup? Or were just you not able to get into a regular season fantasy league at all? Welcome to the NFL FANTASY PLAYOFF CHALLENGE where you can try your Fantasy Football luck again for the NFL playoffs and win some cash while you keep up with the games!

Buy-In - $30.00

Min # of Teams - 24

Max # of Teams - 100

Contest League - Each round will payout per below. The teams with the most points will win. If more than 24 teams sign up, additional payouts to be made to the top combined scorers for all 4 rounds.

You can only pick each player available in the playoffs only 1 time for the entire playoffs. For example, if the Rams are in the playoffs and you pick Cooper Kupp as a WR in round 1, you cannot pick him again for any of the proceeding rounds. Also, only players that are still in the playoffs can be chosen. For example, the Superbowl round you will only be able to select players that represent the Superbowl teams.

Each round you will select a new lineup consisting of the remaining playoff teams per the actual NFL playoffs.

Payout -


1st - $360

2nd - $240

3rd - $120

***The above is with a minimum of 24 teams. Additional payouts per weekly scores TBD if over 24 teams

Lineups -

(1) - QB

(2) - RB

(2) - WR

(1) - TE

(1) - PK

(1) - DEF

Rounds -

Week 18 - Wildcard Round

Week 19 - Divisional Round

Week 20 - Conference Championship

Week 21 - Superbowl

MyFantasyLeague - https://www77.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/58852#0
LeagueSafe - https://leaguesafe.com/join/4009193



I signed up via leaguesafe 2 questions:

What is the address I should send my email to?

What if we don't get the 24 players? Can we just prorate the pot and play anyway?

Thanks, Zach


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