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NFL pregame telecast (1 Viewer)

Mr. Ected

Watching the Jets v Falcons (slow Friday nite) on NFL Network, and the game seems to be in a box, like it’s an old non-HD show. From what I can tell, it’s being broadcast by the local CBS network. NBD, just annoying.

Any thoughts as to why it does this? I wonder if it’s because of the crawl at the bottom, but that never affects it otherwise.


Mr. Ected

Brown-Giants was the same way last night.  I have no idea why.
They just had the studio for a second, full screen, then did some shots around the stadium the same, but as soon as they we about to show field, it shrunk.

Funny that they were showing food in what seems to be the suites, they showed a big buffet and the color guy was calling off what was on there, and ssw sausages. He identified them, and started to say “I really like...” and stopped mid sentence.  :pickle:


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