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NFL replacing Pro Bowl with week of skills competitions, flag football game (1 Viewer)


Wasn't that on the beach?
I believe so. That doesn't change the fact that I can see a larger than average risk for non-contact injuries for players that participate. I know I wouldn't want to play if I was a pro=bowl caliber player. Seems like an unnecessary risk.


More risky than playing in the pro-bowl game?
Based on the way they have played that the last few years......I would say yes........and if they play the flag game with the same "intensity" they have been playing the pro-bowl the last few years then they might as well not play.

General Malaise

Poop Lord
I think they should have a rookie and 2nd year player game like they do (did?) in the NBA. Or like in MLB, when they have a the future's game with rising minor leaguers. Showcase the young dudes and offer up some money to the winners. I'd watch that. I haven't watched a second of a pro-bowl in years.....


Last time I watched a Pro Bowl the AFC starters included Franco Harris & OJ Simpson
For me Marino was in the game. Never watched it again.

Was always by far the worst “All Star” game of the 4 major sports.

Just a waste of time. But….they have contract incentives tied to it and the host uses it as a little boom to their local economy.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s.

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