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NFL replay review (1 Viewer)

Beau Tocks

When will the NFL finally wise up and take the replay review decisions away from the referee on the field. The process is too lengthy not to mention the head under the hood is visually suboptimal at best. The NFL could surely afford to put a "ref" up in the booth exclusively for replays with full control of the available camera angles to analyze the plays contested in a concise and accurate manor. I hate to admit this but the NCAA has got it right. Watching the bowl games this January I was impressed with the timely correct calls made by the replay officials off the field. How long do we as fans have to endure the archaic system that is obviously flawed ? Can anyone in the FBG community set me straight on why this current system in place should continue. Signed, Frustrated & Bored :yawn:

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Another gripe I have is the number of challanges a team gets. If you challange and you are right (it gets overturned) I feel you should not be punished by losing one of your available challanges when it was the ref who blew the call in the first place.

I would have to agree. I think the idea of instant replay is a great one. Anytime an error can be corrected by the referees it only improves the game and makes it more of an athletic competition. I have been a big proponent of instant replay through the years.There are too many flaws in the current system in both the way it is structured and how it is being implemented. As was stated above it makes little sense to limit a team to 2 chances to call for a replay. Why should a team be disadvantaged by a ref making a bad call. Sure they still have another challenge, but I'm sure they are less likely to use it in some cases because they want to save it in the event they need it for a big play.Why should a coach have to make a decision if a play has the potential to be reversed. You are asking a coach to risk losing a time out to overturn a play in a matter of seconds to think about the decision and they certainly are not in a position to have the best information to make that call. Why should a blown call by a ref put a team in a precarious situation like this?The red flag system allows coaches to abuse the system and stop games when they normally couldn't. In some instances coaches throw the flag just to talk to the ref. They know the call is not challengeable, but they want to make a point and maybe break the opponents’ momentum.The most egregious problem with the system though is the interpretation of "indisputable evidence". NFL referees must have a different dictionary when they look up indisputable. To me this means you look at the play, it is immediately obvious that the call went the wrong way. These are things like..a foot was or wasn't out of bounds..a ball did or didn't hit the ground...a knee hit the turf before or after a ball was loose. Anytime that you look at a replay and it appears that it could be called either way it should be left the way it was called on the field. I saw way too many calls this year where you could make a strong argument either way for a call. In that case it should be left the way it was called on the field. Two calls that come to mind are obviously the Polamalu INT last week and an overturned TD catch by Laveranues Coles. There are many more but I found these to be major reversals that seemed to be anything but indisputable.I think the college system for instant replay is clearly a better system, but could use improvement. The NFL should have 3 officials in a booth with 3 monitors and the ability to see all angles of a play. The are constantly looking at plays as they happen to find errors. When they see something that has a chance to be overturned they call down to the referee, have the game held as they look at it. This is an improvement in many ways over the current system. It gives you three guys taking a look at a play rather than 1. They have more monitors and more angles to see at the same time. When the game stops the ref doesn't have to waste time talking to the coach about the red flag, announcing to the stadium the review, going over to the hood and watching the play, going out to make another announcement to the crowd. Reviews should happen much faster. Finally it doesn't put coaches on the spot where they need to make a strategic decision because a ref blew a call. I don't think this is a hard system to implement and I feel it would be much better than what they have now.


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