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NFL Substance abuse thread and CBA (1 Viewer)

as best I can tell thisis the policy. gonna make this a thread.


General Policy

The illegal use of drugs and the abuse of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and alcohol (hereinafter referred to as "substances of abuse") is prohibited [ftnt 1] for players in the National Football League ("NFL"). Moreover, the use of alcohol may be prohibited for individual players in certain situations where clinically indicated in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

Substance abuse can lead to on-the-field injuries, to alienation of the fans, to diminished job performance, and to personal hardship. The deaths of several NFL players have demonstrated the potentially tragic consequences of substance abuse. NFL players should not by their conduct suggest that substance abuse is either acceptable or safe.

The NFL and the National Football League Players Association ("NFLPA") have maintained policies and programs regarding substance abuse. In Article XLIV, Section 6(a) of the 1993 NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (the "1993 CBA"), the NFL Management Council and the NFLPA (hereinafter referred to individually as "Party" and collectively as the "Parties") reaffirmed that "substance abuse is unacceptable within the NFL, and that it is the responsibility of the parties to deter and detect substance abuse ... and to offer programs of intervention, rehabilitation and support to players who have substance abuse problems." Accordingly, in fulfillment of this provision of the 1993 CBA, the Parties have agreed upon the following terms of a policy regarding substance abuse in the NFL (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy").

This Policy applies to all players who have not formally retired from the NFL. This Policy and its terms shall be binding on all NFL clubs and shall constitute the sole and exclusive means by which players will be tested or referred for treatment, and as to those players having problems with substances of abuse, the sole and exclusive means by which they will gain access to the benefits of this Policy. This Policy supersedes a previous policy that was effective on September 1, 1994, and shall continue until the expiration or termination of the 1993 CBA. This clarification of an earlier version that applied to all players as of February 14, 1997, regardless of their status in the Intervention Program, shall apply to all players as of June 28, 1998, regardless of their status in the Intervention Program. (See Article I below.) Such terms that are not otherwise defined herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the 1993 CBA.

The cornerstone of this Policy is the Intervention Program. Under the Intervention Program, players are tested, evaluated, treated, and monitored for substance abuse. Players who do not comply with the requirements of the Intervention Program are subject to established levels of discipline. The provisions of Article LV, Section 10 of the CBA are not applicable to the testing of players in the Intervention Program that is conducted pursuant to the terms of this policy.

All discipline provided under the foregoing or following provisions of this Policy is imposed through the authority of the Commissioner of the National Football League ("Commissioner"). The Commissioner maintains the ability to impose other discipline as he deems necessary, provided, however, that the Commissioner may not modify the state levels of discipline for violations of the requirements of the Intervention Stages absent additional circumstances amounting to conduct detrimental to the NFL. This Policy is not to be considered a grant of authority to discipline players but instead is an agreement to impose the stated discipline for violations of the requirements of the Intervention Stages. Discipline for violations of the law relating to use, possession, acquisition, sale, or distribution of substances of abuse, or conspiracy to do so, will remain at the discretion of the Commissioner.

The primary purpose of this Policy is to assist players who misuse substances of abuse, but players who do not comply with the requirements of the Policy will be held responsible for whatever goes into his body.

© 1999 National Football League, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

[Ftnt 1] The National Football League ("NFL") prohibits NFL players from the illegal use, possession or distribution of drugs, including but not limited to cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and phecyclidine (PCP). The abuse of prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, and alcohol is also prohibited. For example, the use of amphetamines and substances that induce similar effects (e.g. phenylpropanolamine, the active ingredient in many over the counter decongestants) , absent a verified and legitimate need for appropriate dosages of such substances to treat existing medical conditions is prohibited. [back to policy]

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