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NFL Trades You'd Like to See Happen (1 Viewer)


The biggest one I'd like to see happen right now is Amari Cooper to the Colts. I think a change in scenery would do him a world of good, as would having Andrew Luck as his QB. Also, the Colts are in need of a talented WR, TY is getting older, and they've got a ton of cap space.

One I think makes some sense, but don't really want to see, is TB trading for Leveon. They're sitting at 2-2 and their run game is atrocious. I don't want Leveon to leave the Steelers, and he keeps saying he doesn't want to leave, so we'll see. But this is a team I could see them wiling to send Leveon to, I don't think they'd send him to an AFC contender (unless the Steelers are eliminated from playoffs).

Cameron Brate to the Titans. They lose Walker for the year, and Mariota needs his middle of the field crutch back. Brate is on a stupid contract, but mostly I want this to happen because I don't want Winston passing to him. I want those targets to go to Howard and Evans. 

I wish the Bengals could trade for a right tackle.... or a right guard for that matter (since they wont play Westerman).

I agree with Max Power that an Abdullah trade to the niners would be nice.... or maybe a CJ Anderson trade  to the niners.

I also wish the Jags would trade Keelan Cole to the Cowboys or Colts.


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