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NFL University - A college football-themed dynasty league (1 spot remaining) (1 Viewer)


NFL University (NFLU) uses NFL players in a setting similar to NCAA D1 Football. This will be year 3 of the league. 

Here are some of the basics:

  • 96 teams
  • Player pool of NFL players in their first 4 years
  • Each division of 8 teams has its own player pool and all transactions are kept within the division. So while it is technically a "super league," you are essentially playing in an 8-team setting
  • Yearly freshman (rookie) recruiting
  • Rivalry/bowl games and college football playoff
  • Player/team trophies/awards
  • Standard/medical redshirts for player eligibility
  • Transfer portal for moving players between teams
  • Active GroupMe chat
  • Hosted on MFL. Link to league page.
  • Dues collected through LeagueSafe
  • Link to full bylaws 
The commissioner team and I are currently looking to fill a few dispersal teams for 2022:

  • Dispersal teams ($20) - These teams are in divisions with multiple vacancies and will participate in dispersal drafts. A new owner will have the opportunity to draft a team from the available assets within the division. (Currently 1 available).
  • This spreadsheet contains a list of the available teams and each dispersal draft’s player pool. 
If you are interested in joining, please fill out this application with your team preferences and we’ll be in contact shortly. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them here.

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