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NHL HOCKEY $75 keeper league needs GMs (1 Viewer)

Rusty Barr

5 year old 14 team perpetual keeper league on CBS Sportsline needs GMs

51 year old family man runs the league. Lives in Florence, South Carolina.

Been running fantasy leagues since 1982. (Sadly, yes, I am THAT old).

EBAY User ID is franco8308 (I provide this as a "credit reference")

You can look me up there and see I have over 700 transactions over the years at ebay and a 100% rating. I am reliable, honest and trustworthy.

My email is ctf1995@yahoo.com


After you read through everything here, (i will try and spell out the league basics), you can email me, and I can email you back a link that will allow you to come in to our CBS site and poke around. Then you can decide if you want in or not.


Thanks in advance for reading through this.

This is a weekly Head to Head league

$75 yearly goes to the pot.

All money paid out at season's end.

I run the league as a labor of love.

Player Pool: All Players. 28 players on each roster.

Positions: C, LW, RW, D, S and G.

Transactions: Lineups are set once for the start of each period.

Deadline is 5 minutes before gametime on the first day of the period.

Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions.

Owners may do unlimited free add/drops.

Schedule: Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays.

Scoring: Head-to-Head, Individual Categories System.

Scoring based on total stats each period.

Scoring for Categories



1) Goals (G)

2) Assists (A)

3) Points

4) Plus/Minus (+/-)

5) Penalty Minutes (PIM)

6) SPECTM Special Teams


7) (Hits+Blocks)



2) (minutes/20)-GA

3) 2W Two Times Wins + Shutouts ((2 * W) + SO)

The Save Points and Periods-GA categories mimic the Save% and Goals Against Average categories many leagues use. They're designed to reward goalies that play well and play often, and they discourage the practice of sitting goalies to preserve a percentage or average.



Unique keeper rules:


September 15th is cut down day each year. You keep any 5 F's, 3 D and 1 G of your choice PLUS any 3 "Under 23's".

The non-Under 23's MUST be the 5/3/1 set up. We all will have 5/3/1.

You keep A total of 9 non-Under 23 keepers from season to season. The players that are not on any keeper list will be in that next season's draft.

You also get to keep an extra 3 players of any position who are "Under 23's". The way we define an "Under 23" for our keeper rules is as follows: Every September 15th before our annual draft you will have to make your keeper cuts. The 3 keeper "Under 23's" must all be 23 or younger during that calendar year. So, for example, lets say it is September of 2013. To figure out if a player is eligible to be kept as one of your "Under 23's", you take the year of our draft, 2013 in this example, then you subtract 23 from that, which is 1990. So, 1990 is the magic number for the 2013 "Under 23" keeper list. All "Under 23's" must be born in 1990...(according to the CBS Sportsline data base) or born after 1990 to qualify as one of your 3 "Under 23" keepers. It sounds kind of complicated, but its really very simple. So, for season 2014 all "Under 23" keepers would have to have been born in 1991 or after that year 1991. Got it? Your other 9 keepers can be born any year. And again you get to keep 5 F's, 3 D and 1 G there.

Its a overall total of 12 keepers. This is not a dynasty league where you keep your entire roster from season to season.

You are required to keep the 9 and 3 each year.



The Peter-Patrick Larose Memorial Cup

In Memory of:

Peter-Patrick Larose

1/26/68 - 9/12/09

In the summer of 2009 this pool was formed. 41 year old Peter-Patrick Larose of Quebec City became our 9th league member on August 1st. Almost immediately he was chiming in on our league message board. He checked in there almost daily. We now know that Peter had been fighting Cirrhosis, a condition that occurs when inflammation and scarring damage the liver. This is a serious condition that affected Peter throughout his short time in our pool. Serious enough that on September 12th it took his life. As our Stew Grant noted, "How impressive it is that despite everything that must have been going on in his world he had the energy and desire to sign up for and prepare for a new fantasy hockey league season. Fantasy hockey was obviously a passion of his, and kudos to Peter for living his life right to the end."

Our league championship trophy will forever be a memorial to that spirit. The spirit of sportsmanship and brotherhood and unity that Peter set out to promote in our league.

Long may that live on.

The league is set up, in that, We have 7 GMs that live in the USA. They are in the USA Division. We have 7 GMs that live in Canada. They are in the Canada Division.

During the regular season, CBS has randomly generated a schedule that leans you to playing more games in your division.

Playoff Brackets:

6 Teams total

3 Teams from each Division.

Playoff Week 1

Bye Week awarded to First Place in each Division

USA Wildcard 3 seed at USA Wildcard 2 seed Playoff

Canada Wildcard 3 seed at Canada Wildcard 2 seed Playoff

Playoff Week 2

USA Wildcard Playoff winner at USA Division winner

Canada Wildcard Playoff winner at Canada Division winner

Playoff Week 3

Championship Cup Series - Winners of Playoff Week 2 games will play each other for The Peter-Patrick Larose Memorial Cup in our Finals. It will always be a USA vs Canada final.

Right now...we have vacant rosters marked at the site. The new GMs will draft the vacant rosters apart to get their teams and initial keepers.

No GM directly inherits a bunch of players from some GM who quit last year.

Once we fill back up, the new GMs will have a private email draft....just the new GMs participating in this draft...

They will do this draft privately by chain email in one night.

(That night to be agreed upon by all the new GMs).

Once the new GMs have their keepers set. Then the veteran GMs will make their cuts and get down to their keepers.

All players not kept get thrown back into the player pool for out big draft with every GM involved in that draft.

That draft is set....

It's Sunday night September 22 ...at 8 pm east coast time.

We have the big draft at our site in our CBS league draft room.

Email me?

I will email you back an invitation to join and you can come in, look everything over, and look over the vacant rosters and all the players that will be in the "new GM draft".

ctf1995@yahoo.com is my email.

I truly believe this is the best perpetual keeper hockey pool going:

1. Perpetual keeper league gives you the "dynasty feel" without the risk of some GMs becoming "unbeatable".

2. Unique realistic scoring system, constructed by older life long hockey fans to reflect better real life player value than most leagues. Includes the scoring for some stats not usually tracked by most leagues.

3. Deep league roster requirement means GMs that do their homework are rewarded...Also means top real life players hold higher value, which is more relalistic.

4. Dedicated reliable older GMs.

5. Dedicated reliable older commissioner with incredibly long track record of running solid loop hole free leagues. (No grey areas in our rule book. You don't have to worry about shenanigans by a crafty GM.)

Please do me a favor? Please do not post here in this thread that you're interested in the league or send me a pm here at this forum asking a question?

We are filling up and I want to reply to you quickly. I want to get the "look things over" link into your hands as quickly as possible.

The best and fastest way to do that is to email me at ctf1995@yahoo.com

I check that email continually each and every day.

Thank you.


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