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Nick Barnett (1 Viewer)


He was dropped in my league. Should I use my #1 waiver for him? I feel like I need LB help as I have:J. Peterson, D. Morgan, B. Simmons, A. Wilson and K. BellShould I drop Bell for him?

Don't understand why he was dropped, but I would pick him up in a heartbeat. I don't know how your waivers works, but he would be an every week starter for your team.

I think he was dropped because he hasn't performed all that great so far. And the guy dropped him for Leonard Little, so I think he just saw the great numbers by Little and the rest is history. He must not understand the concept of the inconsistent plays of DL compared to LB. I have the #1 waiver because I drafted last. If i use the #1 waiver I will be knocked down to 10th and will have to work my way back up by other people using there waivers. Is Barnett worth it? I am pretty happy with the rest of my team.

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Is Barnett worth it? I am pretty happy with the rest of my team.

abso- freakin'- loot-lee,

do it.

barnett has struggled so far, but who on the packers hasn't?make the claim on barnett...long term he's better than k. wong, but i am high on wong for this season


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