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Nick Foles & his trade value...? (1 Viewer)


Anyone fielding/making offers on him? Has anyone traded him? If so, what have you gotten in return?

Obviously, track record is real short, but his numbers are starting to look quite legit even if from an eye test POV, he doesn't jump out at you...

Anyway, would be good to know how market is reacting to him...

I traded him in a two QB league for Lamar Miller prior to last game. I had Peyton, Brees, and Dalton so I was just trying to get a roster spot open.

I don't know if you're looking for dynasty or redraft, but I made an offer of what would currently be the 2.02 in a dynasty and was turned down.

On my first place team with RBs consisting of MJD and DeMarco Murray, I traded away Foles for Ridley. :happydance:

I had Peyton and Foles. Just traded him for Wesley Welker to a team stacked at WR who is fighting to get to the playoffs with Kaep.

It felt kinda good having two QBs with 7TD games on the same team. Oh well, it will feel even better to get a championship...


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