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Njoku vs Seals-Jones (1 Viewer)


OK, I really don't want to use both roster spots here.  I grabbed Seals-Jones for Njoku's BYE week.  And I will drop one after this.  Going forward which do you all think is the better keeper?  I know it's weak but it is my weakest position.  Most important which is the better keeper for weeks 14-17 which are my leagues playoffs as I am assured of being in them already.

League is 12 team redraft Non-Ppr ESPN standard rules.  



What format is your league? Picked up Seals-Jones for this week as Kittle is on bye. I agree with LakeCowboy that Njoku is a better long term guy. Keeping my eye on Herndon of the Jets (bye this week) - not a ton of targets but making the most of them.



I would roll with Njoku.  RSJ has not been very good fantasy wise because he is getting very little volume.  Don't be fooled by this one week.  He isn't going to outperform Njoku. 



I am in a standard non-ppr league redraft.  Honestly, I'm not really concerned with this week as I am 9-1 and assured a playoff spot.  I'd prefer the guy with higher upside as neither is really consistent.  it is my weakest position.

Thinking of making an offer for a TE but either I am going to overpay one of my payoff competitors or be ignored by the teams out of it.  Can't see how that makes sense.

Thanks for the input.  Guess Ill see this week if SJ is real or a fluke and decide after Sunday.


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