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No game due to NFL rules (1 Viewer)

I use the 506 to plan out what games I know I can and cannot watch on television, and I always see certain tiny blots on their maps that say "No game due to NFL rules." I assume a game being blacked out would be the biggest reason why. But there are instances where some parts only get one early game from CBS and late game from Fox or vice versa. For example, I live in New Orleans, so how come Texans game is not going to be shown in this 100-ish mile radius? Why do I only get the Saints game?

Thanks to anyone who can answer this question.

If the Saints have a home game on Fox (and Fox only has one game that week), then CBS isn't allowed to broadcast any games in the New Orleans market during that timeslot. It's one of the quirks of the TV contract.

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